Sunday, January 4, 2015

All good things must come to an end

Well the day has come.  My 2 week Christmas vacation is over!! It will be back to work and school for me and Andrew.  We have enjoyed our break so much! I am going to miss all the quality time we have spent.  I have a professional learning day tomorrow, so Andrew will stay with my mother-in-law for a day and then return to school on Tuesday.

Yesterday we decided to get out in the rain (total cabin fever!) and see a movie.  Abigail has only went to one movie and it been around 6 months ago.  I thought she might be a little more able to sit now. We saw Big Hero 6 (really cute movie!) and she did really well!  She stayed in her seat, with the help of popcorn, for almost the entire movie!! I think more family movies will be in our future!


We braved the rain again (is it ever going to STOP!) and went to church.  We have missed the last two due to one of us being sick, so it was nice to be back.  I took a few pictures of Abigail before we left.  She loves “writing!”

Abigail Abigail2Abigail3

Of course I had to snap some since they were are all dressed up!

Abigail4Andrew and Abigail

I am going to soak up this last day! I am also SUPER excited about Downton Abbey coming back on tonight!! Who will be watching tonight?

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Getting Ahead


Guess who is turning six in February!! I can’t believe my BABY will be 6!  So crazy!!


I know how quickly time flies when I go back to work (on Monday!), so I have spent some of the last few days working on party plans!  Parties are one of my most favorite things!! I have let them get the best of me in the past, but I am being very conscience about doing a little at a time.  I can now say I have the theme (IRON MAN!), invitation, location, date, time, and a few party items bought.  YAY!!!

This is some Pinterest inspiration that I have found.

Iron Man Super Hero birthday party decoration by AlishaKayDesigns, $12.00INSTANT DOWNLOAD Superhero Treat Bag Toppers - Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America on Etsy, $4.00iron man cake







I plan on sharing things as I do them.  However, I don’t want to share the invitation until after they are sent, so later on that part.

A few other random pictures…

I got a haircut! Really it was just a trim, but feels so much better!


This cutie has been requesting having her picture made a lot lately!  I am thinking a photo session might by needed!

IMG_0490                    IMG_0492

Well that is all for now! I am going to enjoy this weekend!

Friday, January 2, 2015

5 on friday…2015. My Year to…

Well it is that time of the year again…New Year’s resolutions!  I am a fan of resolutions, so I always make them.  Do I stick to ALL of them…well they do slip my mind from time to time.  I am going to stick to 5 things that I want to work on this year. 

1.  Spend less time plugged in!  I am guilty as most to be on my phone, I-pad, or laptop way more than I should.  I want to put it all away and limit myself to a certain amount of time a day. 

2.  Get rid of the clutter!! I HATE clutter!  I really, really do.  I like everything to have a place, but I also like to buy things.  I often buy things that I do not need and then I have no where to put it.  Do you have that problem?  I know I am not alone!  You can read here how I have already started and what my plan will be!

3.  Spend less and save more!  This goes hand in hand with #2.  I really want to track my spending more and not buy things that I do not love or need.  I am going to look into using Mint to help me stay on track.

4. Take more vacations!  With all that money that I am going to save   Winking smile, we will hopefully be able to travel more.  I always feel so more connected to my family after a vacation.  I also love that my children are having more experiences when they travel then they would where we live.

5.  Get healthy!  You knew it was coming.  It is my goal every year!  Lose weight and be healthy.  I don’t have a laid out plan for this yet, but I am looking at a few possibilities.  Or I may just keep it simple and just try to do better!


I am linking up with Natasha at Hello! Happiness!  What are your resolutions?

New Year’s Collard Greens

Collard Greens Collage


Here in the South we love black eyed peas and collard greens on New Year’s day!  The greens represent money and the peas represent coins.  Of course eating them will make you RICH!  LOL! Just kidding!  I used to force myself to eat one bite of each when I was little because I just knew it would magically add more pennies to my piggy bank.  Hmmm…that never really happened. 

Now I LOVE collard greens and peas are growing on me.  Nick makes the BEST collard greens ever!  I mean they are seriously good!  He says it is his “secret” recipe and I should not share.  Well I will give you some hints.  This is a very basic recipe…I think I could even do this…maybe.

He used fresh collards this year, but mainly because he could not find the prewashed and chopped bagged ones.  Poor thing spent over an hour cleaning and cutting these babies!

collards bag

It looks like a ton, but it will cook down to a reasonable amount. We feed 6 adults and had leftovers.  You will then need to cut one sweet onion, one jalapeno pepper, and lots of thick cut bacon.  collard ingred

Brown the bacon in a large pot, then add the jalapeno and onion.  Pour in one can of beer (any kind will do), add some Cajun seasoning,  and pour in the greens.  Let this simmer for 5-6 hours. 

close upIMG_0500

We took the collard greens to Nick’s parents for New Year’s supper.  It was a great start to the new year!! I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year’s!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year and a bag a day


Happy New Year


Happy New Year everyone!! Wow, 2015… that sounds kind of crazy!  I am excited for this year.  I have so many exciting things in the works- projects in the home, possible vacations, decluttering (see more below), and just spending more time with family.  I came across a “challenge” that is right on track for what I want to accomplish this year.  It is called “Twelve Months of Decluttering A Bag a Day.”  This was created by The Inspired Room, which is an amazing blog!  It gives you month by month steps to decluttering every area of your house.  This month focuses on cleaning out your  clothes, bags, shoes, accessories {including seasonal items}, dressers, closets, nightstands, Master bedroom.  I need to live my blog name and live more simply!

Before this was even posted, I started to clean out my closet.  It was (and still is) busting at the seems!

No judgments!! Winking smile  This small closet houses my clothes, Nick’s clothes, shoes, dirty laundry baskets, and our bathroom towels. Nick’s shirts are at the top and mine at the bottom.  I have dresses on the right, but you can’t really see it from this picture.  I went through and got rid of two bags of clothes.  I also rearranged my shirts by type.  I still need to work on the rest, so there is only a before picture right now.


I am not sure if I will have time to fill a bag a day, but maybe each week.  I hope others join in on this challenge!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Family/Play Room Makeover

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday.  Abigail and I have both been under the weather with bad coughs and just feeling yucky.  I am feeling much better today (still coughing) and wanted to share a room makeover with you! 

Family Room Collage

If I could go back in time, and change my career path, I would study interior design.  I enjoy it so much!  At least I get to express myself in my own home.  The room I have wanted to change for years is our upstairs family/playroom.  It was basically a collection of leftover items in our home.  The room is laid out with a set of French doors and a big picture window.  It also has two doors, so very little wall area.  I have moved things around in the room so many times.  I think I have finally found the ideal placement of furniture and toys.

We use this room for toys, video games, movies, and just good ole family time! 

Here are some before pictures…

IMG_0501(rev 1)

IMG_0500(rev 1)

It lacked any kind of style.  I never wanted to spend money on this room because I was still trying to decorate all of our other rooms first.  I finally broke down and bought a few pictures for the walls, 2 pillows, and 1 adorable clock.  The rest was moved from other rooms. 

After!  I am totally in LOVE! It is is completely my style, but still comfy enough for the kids!


The two diamond print pillows were from Target and the other two I had.  I bought the rope balls (on the coffee table) from TJ Maxx.  We already had all of the furniture. 


The dresser is one of my favorite pieces in our entire home.  It was in Abigail’s room, but not being used at all.  It now holds all movies, Andrew’s X-box, puzzles, etc. The artwork above the TV is from Hobby Lobby and I just LOVE it!


The large candle holder is from Hobby Lobby also.


This canvas, picture frame, and clock were from TJ Maxx.


We removed a drawer from the inside to hold the x box and satellite box.  Nick is eventually going to build a shelf inside.


We now have tons of storage.


The rest of the room still looks like a toy box exploded, but I am okay with it right now.  The toys are toys that they both actual play with all the time. The clock and picture are from Hobby Lobby.


This is my office/craft room behind this room.  I have BIG plans for this space.  I want to work on it slowly and really take my time.  It still seems very cluttered to me.


I hope you enjoyed this little update that has made a huge impact in my eyes. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

The simple things

Sometimes the simple things make us the most happy and content.  You can have a house full of nice, brand new toys.  However, a December day that is in the 50’s and sunny can be even better.









I love those sweet smiles!  I am loving lazy and beautiful day at home.