Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Big Kid Fun Day


I am have been having such a great summer!! We have had lots of down time, but some really fun times also.  A perfect blend!  Amy, Kim, and I decided that the big kids (Andrew, Claire, and Dylan) needed a big kids day of FUN! 

1st we went to Sky Zone which is basically a huge building full of trampolines! FUN! IMG_3303IMG_3314

We then went to Monkey Joes (inflatable place), TGIFridays for lunch, and then to Toys R Us for a TOY!



We ended the day at Yogurt Mountain!  It was such a great day!!


4th of July 2014

I hope everyone had a great 4th! We enjoyed a great cookout with some great friends.  This is an annual tradition for us and always so fun! The weather was PERFECT!

Before the festivities…


They enjoyed a lot of swinging, sliding, running, driving, jumping, and just having fun!


Of course we ate, and ate, and ate!


My besties!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

T-Ball and VBS

Hello everyone! We have been super busy this summer.  We ended Andrew’s T-ball with a little banquet.  He is in love with his very first trophy!  We enjoyed, but super glad to have no where to go on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  LOL!


We also had VBS last weekend.  It was so much fun!  The theme was weird animals! Abigail is too young to really participate, but she did join the nursery on the first night.



This was the group I helped with this year!  So sweet and FULL of energy!


We had a great time and felt like doing this toward the end. HA!


We have been very low key this week.  I have gotten laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning done for the week.  I think Andrew and I may sneak off to see a movie tomorrow!

Friday, June 13, 2014

CVS Haul


I am here with another great CVS haul! I posted one earlier this week, but that was from last week.  All the deals I found are still going on!

What I bought:

4 Arm and Hammer Oxi Clean Detergent

3 Boxes of Kleenex Tissue- 2 boxes for Andrew’s kindergarten supply list

I Shampoo and ! Conditioner- Herbal Essences

2 Packs of Jolly Ranchers- use for beginning of the year treat bags for my students

Always Liners

Tenas Pads

Irish Spring Body Wash- for the hubby

Speed Stick Gear Deodarant- for the hubby



Below is my list.  I didn’t end up purchasing the Olay lotion, Cleanser, or Body Wash.  Also my CVS does not carry Herbal Essences Body Wash, so I did not buy that either.  I did buy everything else on the list plus 3 boxes of Kleenex tissue.



I started off at $47 and went down to $28.22 after taxes.  I then got back $4.50.  So the total was $23.72. 

I didn’t do too bad!  Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I thought this summer would be perfect for getting Andrew a head start on Kindergarten.  I taught Kindergarten last year, so I am putting my skills to use with my own child.  We are spending about an hour (sometimes less, sometimes more) a day working on a variety of skills.

I recently bought the green stacking baskets, Cut and Paste cookie Monster workbook, Robot Time game- time, and Place Value Picnic- place value.  I already have a ton of flashcards and manipulatives for Andrew. I am using the green stacking baskets to hold everything. 

  IMG_2956 - Copy

This week we have played a number memory game.  I just used old number cards that come with several of the same card.  He loved this game.  Andrew needed some more practice with cutting and gluing, so the book from The Dollar Tree has helped a lot.


Below are the sight words from last week.  We flash them several times a day and write them.  We also talked some about what different stores sell (Florist- flowers).  This came from a workbook we have had for awhile. 


Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

CVS Haul



I have really gotten into couponing the last few months and it can really be so much fun!  I love the math that is involved and of course getting things cheap or even FREE!  I use Southern Savers and Krazy Coupon Lady websites mainly.  They lay it all out for you and tell you the best deals at different stores.  So far, I have only done this at CVS (GREAT Deals) and Ingles. 

On Sundays, I get a paper (with coupons) and plan out the deals.  This is time consuming, but I am getting quicker at it.  The key is to match store deals, manufacture coupons, and store coupons.  CVS does all 3, which means things can be free or really cheap.

I first make a list that shows how much it should be in the store, what coupons to use,and any extra deals like B1G1 free, B1G1 50% off.


I lay out my coupons and any Extra Care Bucks.  I bind everything together and just go when I can.  The early in the week the better.



This is the best deal I have done so far.  The beginning total was $55 and went all the way done to $22.  Then I had $8 in Extra Care Bucks, so that brought it down to $14 for everything you see above!!  The eye shadow was only 40 cents and the toothpaste were FREE!  This was from last week, I am going again today.  I will provide more details on how I actual did everything. 

Yesterday was so hot!! We attempted to play outside and only lasted an hour. 


All of our lilies are blooming and the deck has made no more progress! LOL! 


Have a great Tuesday!