Sunday, December 6, 2015

Playroom Update

I have been working on giving our playroom a much needed facelift.  He has slowly progressed over the last year. 

This weekend we finished painting an old dining room table.  It was quite the job and took many coats of paint.  it is now done and we love it!  We put it in the center and it will be used for arts, crafts, games, etc. 


We have a fourth chair that can be pulled over, but it is currently at our computer.


I took out the coffee table that was in front of the couch. It was not needed and taking up a lot of floor space.  We added this super soft rug and now the kids LOVE it!  It is a great place to watch movies!


I made this garland out of scrap pieced of fabric that I have had for years.  I love how much color it adds to the space.


I am also planning on getting a new large bookcase to hold toys and maybe a rug for under the table.  For now, we are loving it!

Breakfast with Santa

We always enjoy the Breakfast with Santa that our church has every year! 

Our pastor is currently preaching Star War themed sermons.  Andrew enjoyed all of the figures around the waiting area!


They were both so happy!! They have both loved Santa from the very beginning!


I love that they have so many friends that also go to our church!  So sweet!


Friday, December 4, 2015

What we have been up to…

We have had a very busy week! 

Andrew had his very first basketball game!  He was so excited!!


IMG_5661       IMG_5664IMG_5665

He did good for his first game!  He got to dribble the ball all the way across the court!  So stinking cute!  Santa might just be bringing him a basketball goal for Christmas!

We have also been going through an advent calendar that was given to the kids from church.`It sometimes has a small gift, something to make, or something to do for others. 

One day they were told to make a letter to their teacher.  They LOVED making these and they were so cute!


Today they had a pipe cleaner and cereal to make a bird feeder.  This was perfect for Abigail!IMG_2001

Abigail hanging it on the tree.


Spreading out the leftover cereal for the birds.IMG_2003


Nick has brought down a HUGE piece of pipe that will be their slide for the new playground.  Andrew and Abigail enjoyed playing with it on the ground!


Now we are ready to enjoy our weekend!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Time Slow Down!

I am as guilty as a anyone when I try to rush time.  I live for the weekends and have find myself wishing for my kids to be just a little older and a little more independent.  Don’t we all at times?

Then you see something like this:


Abigail got her daycare pictures back.  I was putting them in the frame and saw the huge difference a year brings! 

This is 1 little year!! So crazy! 


I want her to stay this little forever!!


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Random Sunday


Saturday I finally got around to changing our chalkboard from Happy Birthday Andrew (February) to Merry Christmas! lol!


Andrew got new shoes just in time for his FIRST basketball game on Thursday!


Abigail continued to amaze us with her dress up skills!


Sunday morning we were awakened to a beautiful sunrise.  The advantages of having early rising children are endless! Winking smile


We had a great service at church, ate lunch with friends, and came back home to work on some projects.  We painted an old dining room table.  I have BIG plans for the playroom!!  We also managed to get a little done on the playground.  Abigail slept in the Living Room floor the entire time! I actually had to make her get up around 4:30pm.


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Everyday is a New Adventure

I got to spend the  morning with Miss Abbey.  Nick, his brother Eric, and Andrew met some friends for breakfast, so we got some girl time.
First on the agenda was playing in the leaves and swinging.
She is getting much better to take to the store, so we went to the grocery store. We may have ended up with sour gummy worms, gum, and marshmallows, but oh well!  She was a very good girl the whole trip!

Then she came home and was reunited with this sweet boy!! They definitely have moments of arguing and bickering, but they also have precious moments!  Of course Abbey doesn’t think she needs a shirt.
She is showing me her collection of acorns from the yard and apparently decided a shirt was needed!

Nick and his brother worked on the kids new playground!  They didn’t get to do much because the post had to get set in the cement. 


Their current play set has seen better days.  A storm almost tore it to pieces.  We decided to just make our own and make it super sturdy!!

Well off to enjoy this relaxing evening!

Jayden is back!


Jaden is back with his usual goodies of pajamas! 




Earlier that day we all decorated the big tree!  Even Queen Elsa came to help!!



We LOVE this tree!!  The kids love their new PJ’s that Jayden brought!!