Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's MAJOR!! (with a British accent)

Well today I went with Carrie to get her hair cut. She got it cut like Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice). It looks very cute and suits her well. So now you may see her going around saying "That is so Major!" While waiting I got to spend time talking to Brinsley who is absolutely the silliest person in the world. She has now discovered her new passion in life. She wants to clean windows! Yes you read right. While waiting on Carrie's hair we sat in the lobby area and watched a guy clean the windows. She loved the fact that he was cleaning with a squiggy (spelling?). Luckily the guy had on headphones so he could not hear every word we were saying. Brinsley imagined that he was listening to "Ridin Dirty' which I thought was hilarious because this guy was white and in his late 30's probably. Also there was a fountain (not working of course) that had a women holding some contraption in her hands. At first we though it was an acorn, but after much discussion we came to the conclusion that it couldn't be. For one thing it was way too big and it had a hole that was suppose to have water coming out of it. So we decided on some kind of jar. I happened to have my handy dandy camera phone and took a picture of her with the fountain. If I can figure out how to get it on here I will. I also have pictures of Carrie's before and after shots. So I had a very eventful morning with my favorite people in the WHOLE world!

Monday, July 30, 2007

My new hobby!

So this is brand new to me. I read someone else's blog and thought it sounded like fun. I have always had a diary and have stopped writing in it lately, so I thought this would be another way to do that. I just hope I do not bore anyone! So basically on here I am going to tell of everyday events, vent some anger or frustrations, and just write. SO here I go...

Well the summer is quickly fading. This Thursday I will be going back to work. For those that do not know I am a special education teacher at South Hart Elementary. I have already went back several times to work on my classroom. I have everything ready that I can do ahead of time. The real work will begin when I finally get my schedule and start planning lessons. This year is going to be a big change for everyone. The school system has a new superintendent and assistant superintendent. On top of that my school has a new principal. I am hoping for new and improved changes. I guess I will soon find out. So the summer of hanging out with amazing friends to late hours in the night will soon be ending. I am looking forward to fall and cooler weather. I have already started looking at fall and Halloween decorations! Well I am off to enjoy a relaxing day of doing nothing. I better enjoy it while I can. Love!