Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Thursday

Well today was not a typical day at work. I had a co-teaching seminar to attend at 12 so I got to leave early and have lunch. I went to Subway (not my typical Slimfast but not too many calories). Since Carrie was close by I ate lunch with her. I never get to go out for lunch so I was very grateful. After the seminar (which was actually very good) I got to go home at 3! How exciting! Other than there is nothing new going on. The first college football games come on this Saturday. I do not really care about college football, but since I am from Georgia I suppose I have to go for the Bulldogs. I just can't wait for all the cookouts and hanging out with friends.
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Updates: I completely forgot to add that Carrie inspired me try and teach Duncan to lay down. He will already sit, but now he can lay down too!! It only took a few tries with food and he did it! Now he will do it without any food or treats. He is so smart! Also I read the front of the Hartwell Sun and they are in discussions about passing liquor buy the drink. How great would it be to have a REAL margarita on Fridays!! Also think of all the new restaurants that would come! I will be voting yes!

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The video proof. Ignore my voice!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Basically on a daily basis I hear story after story about how children are treated. Whether it be from physical or emotional abuse, not getting enough food at home, children being left home alone, and children that have never met their real parents. You can only feel sorry for them for so long and then you have to show them how to handle the cards they have unfortunately been dealt. Hearing these awful things everyday, I begin to realize how very thankful I am for my life. I have parents that have always been there for me, I have friends that are amazing, and I have a husband that constantly amazes me. I have NOTHING to complain about. I was given the opportunities to succeed. I ate breakfast every morning, I have someone help me with homework every night, and I knew many people loved me. Some children don't even have one of these! I just hope they know that I love them!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Well I am very frustrated! I am not going into details, but I am just tired of talking about some of the same things with the same person and nothing changes! I am too old for this crap and I have some great friends that are wonderful! I wish things were different, but reality is they are not. Anyway besides that I have lost another pound. I am down 11lbs so far. Well off to workout and hopefully get rid of some frustration.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The weekend

This weekend went by way too fast! Friday we went to La Cabana and then to Carrie and Johnny's. A good time was had by all. Saturday Nick and I went to Anderson and watched Rush Hour 3. It was a great movie with lots of action. Then we came back and went to dinner with Jason and Nikki to Siblings. The food and company couldn't have been better. Then we went back to our house and hung out! We looked up Halloween costumes and I have decided I am just going to tell everyone what my costume is. WHY NOT!? I am going to be a flight attendant and Nick is going to be a pilot. Halloween is a time to be something completely different from who you are and I am defiantly not a flight attendant (I hate to fly). Sunday I was lazy! I am finally getting on the Gray's Anatomy boat and trying to catch up through Netflix. I have completed the first 5 episodes. I love the show so far. Today was a great day at school! Can I just say I LOVE MY JOB!

Imagine this but not that sexy! There will be a tank top underneath ;).

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Halloween Costume!

I found a costume!!! Actually Nick and I found a couple costume. I have not decided if I am going to tell. I am waiting to see if everyone else shares theirs. Hmm I guess we will see. Also I am so glad that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! All I have to say is TGIF. Anyway right now my poor husband is working outside in the 102 degree weather and I feel so bad. I pray cooler weather and rain comes soon so he can have a break! Well I am out....
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A MILESTONE has been made!

Today was a milestone in the weight lost journey. I am now below a certain weight that I have not been below in years. Of course I am not going to say what that weight is, but I am soooo happy. It makes all of this so worth while and gives me the drive to keep going. I have now lost a total of 10lbs. I believe I have lost every pound in my boobs! That just may just be my opinion. Why could it not be in my butt, thighs, or stomach? Anyway other than that all I have been doing is working. I have been researching Halloween outfits on the web. If anyone knows of good websites please let me know. I am looking for something different. Every website has the same thing!! Anyway I off to relax. Have a great HUMP day!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh Monday Monday

Well I am one more pound down! So it appears that I am losing about one pound a week. I guess that is okay since that is what they say is safe to lose and more likely will be able to keep it off. We will see. Other than that today was just a typical day. Amy also came by the school today to see about observing some classes for school. So maybe she will one day get a job at South Hart! That would be great!!! Anyway I have nothing else to talk about!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

This weekend!

Saturday Nick and I went to Anderson for some shopping. I was looking for jeans, but no luck. They apparently do not make jeans for my shape. You have to be a size zero and tall! Anyway I did however go to Hobby Lobby and buy some fall decorations. I know it is summer and 100 degrees, but I could not resist. They had the cutest stuff ever!!! I bought two decorative pumpkins, a sign for the yard, and a small scarecrow. I will definitely be going back closer to fall for more. After that we went to Chili's and I got to eat my splurge for the week, steak and portobello fajitas. They were so good! After that we went to Sam's and I found some 100 calorie packs that I have never seen before. Needless to say I was happy. They had Chips Ahoy, Nutter Butter, and Oreo bars. Also they had Reese's and Hershey's snack packs with only 100 calories. Then we finally went back home to have a relaxing night watching a funny movie (Norbit). What a great Saturday. Today we stepped into high gear and cleaned. We cleaned out our closets which were much needed. When we were finished we had 3 trash bags full of clothes and shoes. We both found several things we forgot we had or just thought we lost. I have pictures to follow of the befores and afters. Besides that I am just relaxing the rest of the day and hopefully going to be able to read my new book (also purchased at Sam's: Dear John by Nicholas Sparks). Have a great Sunday.

My before! And After....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Long Day

So it is Wednesday which means it is almost the weekend! Don't get me wrong I really do love my job, but it very draining. Anyway I do not have that much to say. I have lost 8lbs so far. I can not tell a huge difference, but my clothes are fitting better. I am also doing this great workout on Fit TV (direct tv). I TIVO it everyday and it has cardio, weights, and abs everytime plus a focus on some body part. By the way, the name is Gilad's Sculpt something. Anyway I really like it and I think it will keep me motivated to workout everyday. Other than that I am just working working working like everyone else!
This is Gliad by the way.
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Monday, August 13, 2007

More pics

I accidentally pressed the wrong key so back to more pics.

Family Reunion

Sunday was the annual Cobb reunion. We ate a lot and got to see people we do not normally see and that is always "fun." The best part this year is we went to a local farm/zoo. It was very neat and I got to seem some strange animals for people to have in their back yard in Georgia. I have lots of pictures so enjoy!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thoughts of the day...

Isn't is strange how life changes constantly. Learning from mistakes that have been made too many times and finally realizing that you don't need it in your life. I am not talking about any one thing in particular just life in general. I guess the older I get the more I realize what is important and whats not. A lot of people do not get to live long enough to even ponder these questions. I am just grateful to be alive. I look at everyday as a blessing and try not to take anything for granted. Some people are going to look back at their lives and it is all going to seem like a fog. Yes they may have been there physically, but were they really present? I hope to live everyday as it is my last and make real connections with people. Just a thought....
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The VOTES are in!

Thanks to everyone who voted on my little survey. The name I wanted was chosen (Chloie) and I am sure one day that will be the name of my girl. I don't have boys names picked out yet. So if you have suggestions let me know! Anyway today was the first day of school. I don't think I sat down once. It was very hectic! We have made a lot of scheduling changes since last year, so that was crazy. Anyway so far so good! I am just very tired. On another note I have worked out everyday this week! Aren't you proud! Ok I will stop with the exclamation points!!!!!!! I don't have much else to say. BYE!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Papers, Pencils, and Glue, It is the 1st Day of School (actually tomorrow!)

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Well the time has finally come. I have done everything there is to possible do to prepare myself. Now all there is left to do is teach. Thank goodness! Thanks to not having a homeroom, I have the great pleasure of morning duty. This means I have to get to school at 7:30 sharp and help kids out of their cars and direct them to the lunchroom. Right now it is fine, but I am not looking forward to the rainy or cold days ahead. So be thinking about me and my hair on those days. Other than that I am going to have a great group of kids this year that I am very much looking forward to teaching. On another front I am down 1 more pound! I have not been able to eat like I would want this week (b\c of pre-planning), but I have been working out. I am sure this has helped burn those extra calories. So I am off to do that dreaded thing now. Keep me in your prayers for tomorrow and all the children who are beginning a new year.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Its the weekend update!

This weekend was not long enough! Friday we went to La Cabana of course and soon after eating I got very sick. I had major stomach aches the rest of the night. Then Saturday as I was trying to finish school shopping, I continued to get pains on and off. That night we went to Michael and Amy's house and grilled out. We ate a wonderful meal and then while the men were watching 300 (which I had no intention of watching), Amy and I researched fall/Halloween craft projects on the internet. We found some at and So hopefully soon I will be creating some wonderful masterpieces. I have to say fall is probably my favorite season and the best to decorate for. So anyway Sunday I cleaned and did laundry and then went to see HAIRSPRAY! The movie was soooo good! If you like musicals this is a must see. John Travolta was hilarious. In all the weekend was great and now back to the grind of work. I worked my tail off today trying to get everything finished before the kids come back to school. I have all my lessons completed for the first two weeks so I can't complain. Now I am off to relax!
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Friday, August 3, 2007


Well today was extremely busy. I finally got my schedule and I have to say I am very happy with it. Right now we do not have very many special education students, but I am sure that will change. I brought my camera to school today, but did not have a free moment to take any pictures of my room. Maybe Monday I will find the time. Anyway so tonight is La Cabana night. Me and a group of friends go there to eat every Friday. We have been doing this for well over 3 years. It is a great time to relax after a long week of work. I am going to relax!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Well today was the first day back to work. The county wide meeting was not near as long as I thought. The new superintendent seems like he is going to make some awesome changes! I met my new principal and he seems ok so far. I don't really have much to go on yet, but so far so good. Other than that I went to the Rotary luncheon and totally could not eat healthy. I guess this will be my big splurge of the week. The meal consisted of small piece of chicken, green beans, and bake potato. I guess that is not too bad especially since I really didn't eat much of the baked potato. Anyway I still do not have a schedule so I really didn't have much to do the rest of the day. Maybe tomorrow I will finally get one! Last night was a very restless night of sleep. I had trouble going to sleep because I had about a million things running through my mind. Then at about 3:30 I had to go to the bathroom and apparently woke Duncan (my dog) up in the process. He then proceeds to whine until I finally take him out to use the bathroom. Then I finally go back to sleep at about 4 only to be waken up at 5 by Nick's alarm. Then finally went back to sleep at 5:30 then had to wake up at 7. So needless to say I am TIRED! Even though I could go to sleep right now I am going to workout. I really don't want to, but I am! I told you I was determined ;)! Anyway I am going to try to remember to take my camera tomorrow so that I can take some pictures of my room to post on here. I am off to sweat some lunch off!
**Also please vote for a potential girls name. I am curious to know what people think.**

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Me and Doddle Bug!

Yes I know two post in one day! Well I just had to share my last day playing with Duncan outside. That is probably one thing I am going to miss the most. I love spending everyday with him!

Here is Duncan ready to go!

Here he is exploring.

I found a tree to hold my camera!

Me and Duncan playing with a stick!

The huge tree in my back yard that I LOVE!

My flowers that are attracting bees and butterflies like crazy.

Butterfly close up.

So it is 90 degrees and Duncan is ready to go in the AC (I agreed).

I will miss Duncan!

Last day of freedom and the pounds are coming off!!

Well today is the last day of relaxing and quiet frankly being bored to DEATH! I know for people that work all year round you think I am being crazy, but trust one week or one month is fine. When you get through the first month you kinda start to lose your mind. I am one of those people that needs to feel like I am accomplishing something. Well I have not accomplished anything the entire summer. So work is looking better and better. I may change my mind once I go back. Anyway so tomorrow is my first day back to work since May. We have a county wide meeting first thing in the morning. I am sure I will be bored to tears! Then we have a Rotary lunch and then maybe I will actually be able to get something done and get my schedule! I can only hope. Other than work I have started trying to lose weight! I know I know I have talked about this way too much, but this time I have a reason. If everything works out I would love to get pregnant next Aug. That way I will have the little bundle of joy around summer and will have more time with it. So in order to do this I want to lose weight so I am not enormous and unhealthy when I am pregnant and it will be easier to lose weight afterward also. Since becoming married I have probably gained 15lbs! I really want to lose 25lbs. This number sounds very scary and very hard, but I have a year and I am very determined. I started this diet a week and a half ago and I have lost 6lbs. Basically I have cut out all bread, junk food, and sodas. I eat fruit for snacks, a Special K bar (only 90 calories) for breakfast, Slim Fast drink for lunch, and a dinner with small piece of meat and small amount of starch and lots of veggies. I have also been drinking tons of water. My new goal is to cut out beer. I never drink during the week, but I usually drink on Fridays and Sat. I am going to try and limit myself to one or two for a treat. I may splurge every now and then. Other than that I am going to start working out everyday that I possibly can. I will keep up with all my progress on here. So look for details!! Love!
P.S. By the way do not get near me with a piece of bread or I may chew your arm off!