Monday, August 6, 2007

Its the weekend update!

This weekend was not long enough! Friday we went to La Cabana of course and soon after eating I got very sick. I had major stomach aches the rest of the night. Then Saturday as I was trying to finish school shopping, I continued to get pains on and off. That night we went to Michael and Amy's house and grilled out. We ate a wonderful meal and then while the men were watching 300 (which I had no intention of watching), Amy and I researched fall/Halloween craft projects on the internet. We found some at and So hopefully soon I will be creating some wonderful masterpieces. I have to say fall is probably my favorite season and the best to decorate for. So anyway Sunday I cleaned and did laundry and then went to see HAIRSPRAY! The movie was soooo good! If you like musicals this is a must see. John Travolta was hilarious. In all the weekend was great and now back to the grind of work. I worked my tail off today trying to get everything finished before the kids come back to school. I have all my lessons completed for the first two weeks so I can't complain. Now I am off to relax!
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