Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Last day of freedom and the pounds are coming off!!

Well today is the last day of relaxing and quiet frankly being bored to DEATH! I know for people that work all year round you think I am being crazy, but trust one week or one month is fine. When you get through the first month you kinda start to lose your mind. I am one of those people that needs to feel like I am accomplishing something. Well I have not accomplished anything the entire summer. So work is looking better and better. I may change my mind once I go back. Anyway so tomorrow is my first day back to work since May. We have a county wide meeting first thing in the morning. I am sure I will be bored to tears! Then we have a Rotary lunch and then maybe I will actually be able to get something done and get my schedule! I can only hope. Other than work I have started trying to lose weight! I know I know I have talked about this way too much, but this time I have a reason. If everything works out I would love to get pregnant next Aug. That way I will have the little bundle of joy around summer and will have more time with it. So in order to do this I want to lose weight so I am not enormous and unhealthy when I am pregnant and it will be easier to lose weight afterward also. Since becoming married I have probably gained 15lbs! I really want to lose 25lbs. This number sounds very scary and very hard, but I have a year and I am very determined. I started this diet a week and a half ago and I have lost 6lbs. Basically I have cut out all bread, junk food, and sodas. I eat fruit for snacks, a Special K bar (only 90 calories) for breakfast, Slim Fast drink for lunch, and a dinner with small piece of meat and small amount of starch and lots of veggies. I have also been drinking tons of water. My new goal is to cut out beer. I never drink during the week, but I usually drink on Fridays and Sat. I am going to try and limit myself to one or two for a treat. I may splurge every now and then. Other than that I am going to start working out everyday that I possibly can. I will keep up with all my progress on here. So look for details!! Love!
P.S. By the way do not get near me with a piece of bread or I may chew your arm off!

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