Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Papers, Pencils, and Glue, It is the 1st Day of School (actually tomorrow!)

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Well the time has finally come. I have done everything there is to possible do to prepare myself. Now all there is left to do is teach. Thank goodness! Thanks to not having a homeroom, I have the great pleasure of morning duty. This means I have to get to school at 7:30 sharp and help kids out of their cars and direct them to the lunchroom. Right now it is fine, but I am not looking forward to the rainy or cold days ahead. So be thinking about me and my hair on those days. Other than that I am going to have a great group of kids this year that I am very much looking forward to teaching. On another front I am down 1 more pound! I have not been able to eat like I would want this week (b\c of pre-planning), but I have been working out. I am sure this has helped burn those extra calories. So I am off to do that dreaded thing now. Keep me in your prayers for tomorrow and all the children who are beginning a new year.

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