Wednesday, October 24, 2007

16 lbs!!!!

Wow it seems like forever since I wrote anything, so I have a lot to catch up on.

Saturday we had a great time carving pumpkins, eating, chili, and watch a movie outside on a projector (very cool)! Then Sunday Nick, Brent and I went out to eat for lunch then we watched The Heartbreak Kid at the theater. The movie was so funny and I recommend it for anyone that needs a good laugh. After we got back we said our good byes to Brent. He had to leave early for work.

Other than that I have now lost 16 lbs!! I can't believe that I have stuck with this. I have been eating better (still need to work more on this) and working out 5 times a week since the beginning of August. Also I finally fixed me Halloween costume and am so excited about Saturday!!

Also I have finally finished Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. Just when I thought I was going to start my book list, a teacher from school brought me a book and I have already read 50 pages. It is so good. The name of the book is Play Dirty by Sandra Brown. I didn't think I would get into because it is not a love story, but wow was I wrong! Anyway now I am going to workout, again....!

Grateful for:
1) Gilad for his great workouts
2) Nick for always trying to cook healthy meals
3)Friends for making Saturday memorable
4) Carrie and Johnny for having a Halloween Party!

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