Saturday, October 13, 2007

Clean garage

This morning Nick was so sweet. He jumped out of bed, kissed me good bye, and came back about 10 mins. later with some very fattening biscuits from the Biscuit Barn. I guess he knew I needed a break from the dieting. After savoring every bite, we began cleaning the garage. The garage was in much need of cleaning. We had trash, dead plants, and random junk everywhere. We also had to do some pruning of plants for the upcoming cold weather. Now that we are finally finished we have time to relax. All of this cleaning is because of the annual pumpkin carving next weekend. We are carving, watching scary movies, eating chili. and sitting by the fire. I am very excited!! In about an hour Carrie is coming to get me and so we can pick up some BBQ plates (to raise money for a friend with cancer) and eat and watch the Georgia game. Tomorrow Nick and I are going to Sam's and looking for coffee and end tables. So good weekend to all!
Grateful for:
1) clean garage
2) finally feeling better
3) Nick for being so thoughtful
4) Carrie for being a great sister and friend
5) tonight

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Carrie said...

How sweet thank you