Friday, October 5, 2007


Well I am home and not working today because I had a temperature and sore throat all night and still this morning. So here I lay in bed bored to death, but feel too bad to get up and do anything. I find it ironic and not a bit funny that one of my things to be thankful for on Wednesday was my health and the fact that I have not gotten sick! Well look at what happened. Is someone trying to tell me something!? I hope I get to feeling better before tonight so I can join everyone and La Cabana and celebrate Nikki and Amy accomplishments at school. I am just praying it is a 24 hour bug that I will quickly get over. So today I am still thankful for some things and they are:
1) Medicine: I am so thankful for DayQuil and NiteQuil (sp?)
2) Co-Workers: The school could not find me a sub, but thanks to great co-workers they are taking care of my students.
3) Bed: even though I am bored it sure is comfortable
4) Nick: for taking care of me last night
5) Health: some how I took this for granted
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Carrie said...

I'm sorry you feel bad :(