Sunday, October 7, 2007


Yesterday everyone went to Carrie and Johnny's to watch the Georgia game, eat pizza, and have fun! Fun we had! Nick made an amazing spinach and artichoke dip. YUM! We also drew names for Christmas which is fast approaching. I really need to start looking for gifts. We also discussed the Halloween party. We have decided that all the girls are going to get ready somewhere and then the guys are going to get ready somewhere else. I think this is going to be soo much fun. Other than that today has been filled with some laundry, cleaning, and soon to be grilling out. Nick and I have made a little tradition of grilling tons of food on the grill about once a month and freezing it. This makes cooking during the week so fast and surprisingly the food taste like it came right off the grill. Also the it is healthier. Speaking of healthier I have lost another pound! I am now at 14lbs!! So good Sunday to all!
Grateful for:
1) Friends: So amazing!
2) Nick's dip: my splurge of the week and it was so worth it.
3) Sundays: I day to relax and prepare for the upcoming week.
4) Camera: A great way to capture memories that you will never want to forget.
5) Grey's Anatomy: the topics always make me think and I always tear up at the ends.

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