Saturday, November 17, 2007

And the Shopping has began....

Today Nick and I are going shopping! We are still looking for coffee and end tables. I sure hope we find them in Greenville. Also I have to buy Christmas ornaments and decorations. I decided to change my colors this year from blue and silver to green and red. I want to do an old timey kind of tree. We will see what I find before I plan too far. Also I need to find a dress for two Christmas parties and New Years. I am so excited because I love dressing up and rarely get the opportunity. We also are going start looking at ideas for finishing our garage. Wow we have lots to do! Have a great Saturday!!
Thankful for:
1) Money to shop with
2) Dressing up
3) Great Friends
4) My job
5) Wal-mart for making sure the kids had a great field trip

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