Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Well this morning at car rider duty, I believe I froze to death! The wind was blowing so bad that one of my ears hurt for an hour afterward. I need a hat badly. I also got my first Christmas present! I know already! My wonderful mother-in-law ordered me Christmas salad plates and she wanted me to have them before Christmas. They are so cute and I love them. Nick also got his Hibachi grill, which is basically a small charcoal grill. We are so happy about this because we can take it on the balcony and cook without dragging the big grill out. Anyway I hope that everyone that could voted for liqour by the drink today!
Grateful for:
1. In laws
2. Eric- coming home soon
3. Computers for helping me keep in touch with friends
4. Parents of children that actually care.
5. Duncan- he makes me happy

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