Monday, November 12, 2007

It's the Weekend Update

Let's see where to begin? Friday night we did the usual, LaCabana. It was great as usual. Then Saturday morning Carrie and I went to get our hair cuts. I decided against the Katie Holmes inspired cut and decided for a trim and bangs instead. I thinking I am getting used to it now and beginning to love it! It makes me look so different which is what I was going for. Thanks Christy for a great cut! That night we had a "couples" party for Johnny's birthday. It was so much fun! After that we went to Breakers and played pool and just had a good time. It was great to get to spend time with my BEST friends! Sunday I relaxed and took an hour nap that was great. Later we went to the in-laws for a wonderful BBQ. So now I am enjoying my day off and planning to do as little as possible, but we all know how that is. Have a great Monday!
Grateful for:
1) Amazing Friends
2) In-Laws
3) Christy
5)Carrie and Johnny for having us over

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