Friday, December 28, 2007

Thank you Santa

I some how forgot to mention what I actually got for Christmas! Nick got me this huge jewelry box that I needed desperately. I actually have several drawers with nothing in them (amazing- guess I need to go shopping!). He also got me Hairspray on DVD b\c he knew how much I loved it. From my parents I got a coat, sweater, necklaces, ornament, and still looking for a pair of boots. The in-laws got me a cool clock, picture frame, Sweefer (sp.?) vacuum and Eric got me a X-box 360 Scene It game ( I see game night in the future!). I am so blessed to have amazing parents and in-laws. Yesterday I went to Wal-mart to look at discounted Christmas decorations. I didn't find too much, but I did find a cute card holder, wreath, small tree skirt, and cloth napkins and they were all 50% off! Have a look at the pictures!

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