Thursday, February 28, 2008

Big Brother and Lost

My two favorite shows right now are Big Brother and Lost. I literally jumped up in bed when Allison and Amanda got sick. At first I assumed Amanda was being her dramatic self and was not really that sick, but when she passed out, I was shocked. Then Allison was in the diary room and had an allergic reaction. DRAMA! I thought maybe it was something in the slop, but I guess not. It was weird that the producers didn't even explain what Allison was allergic to.

Last week on Lost I was so confused when Kate was with Aaron at the end of the show. WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED!? I cannot wait till tonight to find out more answers. I say to Nick every time we watch, " I am so LOST watching Lost!"

Sorry for the rambling. Have a great Thursday.


Carrie said...

I know that was crazy!

Kelly said...

I love both shows also! Lost was CRAZY last night. It is so good this season!
Glad to hear ya'll are trying too - hope it happens soon for both of us!