Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl

Well the Super Bowl started off looking promising. Nick spent all day fixing gumbo and we cleaned. His parents came over to eat and as soon as we took our last bites we got a call. Nick and his dad are emergency contacts for the county water.system So if they have anything that goes wrong they are the ones that are called and have to come. Weekends or nights it doesn't matter. This doesn't happen very often, but this time it happened literally at the moment the game started. So they left and got back after half time. So disappointing, but luckily they were not out for a long time.

Can I just mention that my vote for BEST Super Bowl commercial was the Budweiser commercial with the horse and dalmatian. Loved it!! To watch the clip go to Super Bowl Commercials and it is listed in the 2nd Quarter commercials.

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