Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This isn't your mother's meatloaf!

Monday evening Nick prepared us mini meatloaves. I so love him!!They were so adorable (yes food can be adorable). He had a surprise of cheese in the middle and was so cute as he waited for me to discover it. This was a surprise because he would not let me enter the kitchen until he put them in the oven. He also added bacon on top! YUM! Now the working out has began again!!
Nick's Tip: place a slice of loaf bread under the meat to soak up all the unwanted grease.

Speaking of, I finally started back on the workout regimen. I slacked for a month because I had so much going on. I am back on it strong.

Yesterday was Family Reading Night at the school I teach at. It was a lot of fun. The families got to eat pizza and listen to an local author talk about creating children's books. Being such an avid reader I was as excited as the kids.


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I love your blog too! Haha! We need to catch up. We're not that far apart!