Sunday, February 3, 2008

Weekend Update

I have to start out by saying that I so grateful for antibiotics. I finally feel normal!

Nick and I are still on our organization mission with the garage. Yesterday morning was spent putting insulation on one wall of the garage and today we finished clearing everything else out. The insulation went up really quickly and surprisingly easy. Next weekend we will completely finish the insulation and possibly start putting up the walls. Other than that we spent the rest of Saturday going to Anderson. We ate at Outback which had several items with gingerbread which sounded so good. They have a gingerbread milkshake that I wanted to so badly, but after eating I could not eat anything else. I hope to go back and get one! Then after buying stuff at Target we went home and watched Mr. Woodcock. Funny movie, but nothing spectacular.

Right now Nick and I are just relaxing. Nick is going to fix his famous Chicken Gumbo and watch the Super Bowl with his parents. FUN FUN! I love the commercials!

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