Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Funny Conversations

As I was sitting in the doctors office an old man was sitting across from me. His wife walks in to the waiting room from the doctor.
Old Woman: "The doctor says you have to come back tomorrow."
Old Man: "Why do I need to come back tomorrow?"
Old Woman: :I don't know! Because he said so!"
Old Man: "Ha, the only reason he wants me to come back is to get more money from me!"
Old Woman: "Well, what else do you have to do tomorrow?
Old Man: "I have plans."
Old Woman: "Plans doing what?"
Old Man: "Finding me a new wife."
Old Woman: "Go ahead! I am not worried."
Old Man: "Why not?"
Old Woman: "Because you won't find one as good as me!"
The old man hugs her and says, "your right I won't"

This was the sweetest thing ever! I love old couples. I watched them walk out into the parking lot holding hands and the old man opened the car door for her. Made me smile!


Hillary said...

Ha! That is soooo cute! I love old people too!!

Amy said...

thanks for the laugh that is to cute!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

That is cute. I love old people - especially little married couples!