Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday

What a GOOD Friday it was! I went and helped my co-teaching kindergarten class with their Easter Egg hunt. It was at Wakefield farms and the day was filled with great experiences for them. They got to see cows, horses, and sheep. They thought it was absolutely amazing. Then they got to play and run free in the fields. Afterward they went on the egg hunt. The parents hid the eggs in a field of tall grass, so it was actually a hunt. Just to see the joy on their faces while they were searching through the grass was great. Can you tell I love children? Anyway needless to say all that fun left me pretty tired.

Today I am helping Carrie with a wedding. She is directing the wedding and I am her willing assistant. Should be fun! Amy and Nikki are also helping. So while we are away Nick and Michael (Amy's husband) are going to Wild Wings to have some male bonding time. I hope they behave!;)

Have a great Saturday!


Amy said...

i hope they behave too!!!

Meg said...

I know that joy you are talking about. I tear up at the sight of joy on sweet, innocent childrens faces. Especially those programs they put on at the schools!

Have fun at the wedding!