Monday, March 3, 2008

New Fashion Accessory and "Egg"-tra Special Crafts

Like my new fashion accessory? Working with children will bring surprises everyday. I never have a dull second. This was caused by trying to remove an unwilling child off the playground. So after filling out workman's comp and going to the doctor (torn ligaments), I am tired! Luckily nothing is broken, and he said I should be better in about 2 weeks. You won't believe how many times you move your wrist in a day.

Duncan trying to make it feel better.
Other than that, I actual had a great weekend.
Saturday Nick and I went to Hobby Lobby were I purchased some paper mache eggs, an Easter sign, and egg holders. Then we went to Target and the mall. Nick found a shirt for church and some brown dress shoes. I got a cute skirt and sweater at Target. Don't you just love Target? We also ate at Chilli's and it was so yummy. I went home and started painting my eggs hoping to be able to join Carrie for Easter crafting Sunday afternoon. I believe all the painting made my hand worse, because by Sunday morning I was in lots of pain. I had to cancel on Carrie which I was so disappointed about. Later that night I painted polka dots on the eggs and Easter sign because that was about all my hand was allowing my to do. I wanted to do more, but they still turned about pretty darn cute!
This turned out so well. I am not sure where I am putting it yet.
Painted Eggs

Polka Dots added with foam circle brush
In the basket that was handmade by Nick's coworkerPainting the egg holders

Finished! The eggs here were bought.
I need new spring place mats and napkins!
Flowers from the in-laws!


Carrie said...

cute I love the egg holders

Amy said...

I almost said ligaments Sunday but did not want to scare you. Man, I know that it has to hurt!! Hope it is getting better.
I love your easter decor. So cute

Kelly said...

Cute decorations!!! I love that Easter sign! Great idea to add polka dots to it!