Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday and Spring Fever

I have made some updates if you read this earlier!!

Saturday morning I cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more! I feel so much better! Here are a few pics.
I moved the dining room to table to clean underneath

This new green product is great! It works wonderfully without the nasty smell. I will be buying more of this.

Saturday was spent worrying about the weather. Tornadoes were popping up all over the place. We spent about an hour at Nick's parents basement. Luckily nothing major happened. After we just hung out and cooked a pizza. We also watched Reign Over Me. Such a great movie and it really makes you think about how lucky we all are. Adam Sandler was amazing in this serious role.

Before church this was what I walked into. So being the good blogger I am, I told them to freeze while I got my camera.:) Two peas in a pod.

Today at church we celebrated Palm Sunday. They had some wonderful music during the service. One guy played the violin and it was breath taking. I wish I had that kind of talent. Afterwards we went home to change and then headed to Anderson. We ate at Olive Garden, YUM YUM! Then we went to Ross and I found a cute Easter dress. No picture yet, but I will post one soon. I also found two very cute springy plates. I love Ross they have some of the cutest decorative things. Then we headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond. We found some steps for Duncan. He can not jump on our bed or the couch, so I hope that we can get him to start using them. Right now he is not so sure about them, but hopefully he will get use to them. This is him looking down at me like I am crazy! Hee Hee! Don't Nick's feet look huge?
Also at BB & B I bought some Spring placemats and napkin rings. I love them and at 1.99 a piece, I couldn't beat that! I already had the napkins.
Then lastly we headed to Lowes to look at plants and trees. I bought two beautiful ferns for the front porch. Have a great Sunday!


Anonymous said...
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Carrie said...

cute placemats, do you think Duncan will use the steps?

Robyn Beele said...

Not so far! If he doesn't we are taking them back.

Kelly said...

Duncan is so cute. We need to get Dawson steps. He can jump but our bed is so high - we are worried he will ruin his joints one of these days or break a leg jumping up and down.

Robyn Beele said...

I know! Duncan broke one of his front legs when we first got him, so now I worry all the time.

Meg said...

Everything looks great! Can't wait to see what dress you got!
We went to that place in Lavonia behind BK. It's huge and it's been forever since I've been. They have 2 large antique malls that are open on Sundays.