Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekend Update

I hate that the weekends seem to fly by!

Saturday: I helped Carrie with the wedding that afternoon. Since we finished earlier than expected, Amy and I crashed "guys" night and joined them. I am sure they were not too disappointed.;) We ate at Wild Wings and came back to the house. The guys were watching a violent movie so Amy and I decided to call it an early night and went to bed.

Sunday: We had a jam packed service at church. The place was literally busting at the seams. In a church that is always a good thing. After church we went to the grocery store and back home for a few hours of relaxation. Then we headed to my parents for dinner and the annual Easter Egg Hunt for my nieces and nephews. I hope next year I will have my child and they will get to hunt Easter eggs. I have tons of pictures that I decided would be best fit for a digital scrapbook :)!

I have a few pictures taken during the week also. Enjoy!

Nick and I been looking for a humming bird feeder for the kitchen window. They are apparently very hard to find. Well look what the mother-in law found!!

Making the food for the humming birds.
Nick hanging the feeder

All hung up!

Tulip growing already!
Easter 2008 Scrapbook!

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Meg said...

Love the feeder! So jealous of the tulips, mine didn't come up :(
I planted them too late..

We go to Mt. Olivet Baptist.. Love it there, how about you guys?

Robyn Beele said...

We go to First Methodist. We have been going for about a month and half. I love it! I have heard some goods things about Mt. Olivet.

Hillary said...

I love your digital scrap book! That's a great idea. I might have to try that sometime!