Friday, April 4, 2008

50 Things about Me!

I got this idea from Carrie and Amy. I am not sure if I can think of 50, but here we go...

1. Purple is my favorite color.
2. I use to be the pickiest eater EVER, but now I eat pretty much anything.
3. My favorite soda is diet coke.
4. I am in love with Italian food. I could eat it every meal.
5. I hate most sports.
6. I love the outdoors, but hate it when it is cold.
7. I am terrified of grasshoppers.
8. I use to collect pig things, such as stuffed animals.
9. If it was financially possible I would have 10 kids.
10. One of my best friends is my sister Carrie.
11. Many people say that I can be shy. I think I am just a good listener and I don't need to hear my own voice all the time.:)
12. I drive fast wherever I go.
13. I always wear my seatbelt.
14. I went to the prom 4 times.
15. I love reading and have ever since I knew how.
16. I love to do crafts.
17. I am officially too old to watch anything on MTV (except The Hills ;).
18. Big Brother is my guilty pleasure.
19. I have lived in the same town my entire life and I have no desire to leave.
20. I hate drama and people that have it usually bring it on themselves.
21. I hated math in school, but it is my favorite subject to teach.
22. I have been teaching for 3 years.
23. Me favorite flowers are tulips and daises.
24. My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing.
25. My favorite book is The Notebook.
26. I love to organize things.
27. Cleaning keeps me sane.
28. I hate to clean showers- with a passion!
29. Spit grosses me out- keep in your mouth people!
30. I love to groom myself (manis and pedis).
31. I have curly hair that I HATE.
32. Shopping is my vice.
33. I can be the most patient and impatient person all at the same time.
34. Sleeping is my favorite past time.
35. My parents are my heroes.
36. I will never be happy with my weight or height.
37. I am obsessed with reading blogs.
38. I love decorating for the holidays and seasons.
39. Going into a hospital makes me sick to my stomach.
40. I hate when it rains.
41. I always wear socks to bed and then end up taking them off.
42. I have a million pairs of shoes. Ok not a million, but a lot.
43. I love the smell of cleaning products.
44. I would love to own a preschool one day.
45. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
46. My husband is my best friend.
47. I am scared of tall bridges.
48. I could live without desserts.
49. I have tons of candles in my house.
50. I am very clumsy.

Wow I had no idea I could that. Try it yourself!


Carrie said...

wow we are too much alike but I guess that is why we get along so well!

Amy said...

Cute!!! It's really not that hard. After I did mine the next day I thought of more to add

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