Sunday, April 20, 2008

Back on the Wagon

Yes I fell off the diet wagon! I fell hard and have been off for a while. I worked so hard and lost about 17lbs at the beginning of August. I ate right and worked out 4 to 5 times a week. Then when Christmas rolled around, well we all know what happens at Christmas time. I ate and ate and completely stopped working out. I had all intentions of beginning my workout regime in January, but then I hurt my wrist. My normal workouts included lots of hand weights and well I can't do that right now. So starting yesterday I am back on the diet and exercise. I plan on still doing the 30 min. workout on Fit TV with Gilad, but just not use weights until I am back to normal. I hope to lose the few pounds I gained back plus lose a little more. Wish me luck!

As for the weekend, it has been a relaxing one. Friday we had the normal La Cabana and we got to eat outside. It was so nice! Then we went to Michael and Amy's and sat by their new fire pit and enjoyed more of the beautiful weather. Saturday we went to Anderson where we met up with my parents and my niece Brinsley. We ate Olive Garden and the shopped at the mall. Today we are going to my parents to celebrate Nick's, Brinsley's, and my dad's birthday. Should be fun!

What are your weight loss tips?


Meg said...

I know how you feel! Different things help different people. For me, I have to limit my soda intake, or I'd go crazy. Same with the sweets.. The more water I drink, the better I feel. And as much as I hate taking the time to walk, it helps keep me motivated.

Julia said...

I would say for me, I eat a small snack every 3-4 hours. I'll bring a piece of fruit, nuts, cheese, granola bar, yogurt or some other healthy snack to eat. That has really helped me stave off the hunger and urge to eat a lot for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Mandy said..., just kidding, that is just what it feels like! I just try and eat something small every few hours so that I never really allow myself to get really hungry. I also try to stay as active as possible!!

Good Luck with the diet!!

Harris Family said...

I feel your pain! I figured out the key to weight loss...I just can't find the discipline to follow through- eat less, excercise more! I hope the Lion king was amazing! It is one of my favorite musicals!
By the Banana Bread was a huge hit! Thanks for sharing your recipe!