Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's Official

I am now on summer break!! Today was the last day of post-planning and we even got to leave early. After a retirement lunch I headed out the door with a big smile on my face and a car load of stuff. The stuff is tons of reading and math books that I will spend the summer reading. I am going to use the summer to plan as much as I can for next year. I have very good intentions and I hope I stick with them. I have moved everything out of my old small room into my new full size classroom. Everything is boxed up (b\c of cleaning), but at least it is moved. I have come to the conclusion that I am going to be spending a lot of money on materials for my room. While I was going through things I realized that I do not have much for 5th grade. I guess that stimulus check will come in handy! I plan on relaxing the month of June and spend July at the school preparing.

I am beyond blessed to be given the opportunity for a change in my job. I pray every night and thank God for his blessing.
Philippians 4:6  "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and
petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."

Monday, May 26, 2008

Catch Up Time

I have been a slacker with blogging lately, but I promise I will be back in full swing very soon!

Thursday evening Noah (Carrie's son) had his 5th grade recognition. It was so sweet to see Noah moving to a new stage in his life. Afterward we all went to eat at a local restaurant. So much fun!

Friday was the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! For all you teachers out there, you know the feeling of accomplishment when those kids walk out the door. Some still love you and actually appreciate what you did for them! HA!

Saturday we went to Carrie's for our annual scavenger hunt!! This is so much fun! We split into two teams (boys vs. girls) and we had one hour to complete as many items as we could. Some items included : taking a picture of the highest gas prices in town, picture of all team members in a tree, picture of all team members in a boat, a four leaf clover etc.

Girls Team (Yes we WON!!)

Whole team wearing GA apparel (Okay Brinsley had a blanket, but it looks like a dress! right?)
Drinking from the same glass (we pretended!)

Human Pyramid
All Team members in a tree

A Strangers Office Desk ( We asked and the guy took the picture! HA!)

Brinsley "swimming" in a pool!

When we finished winning the scanvenger hunt we grilled out and just relaxed.

This is Amy and I

Nick and I
Sunday after church Nick and I painted the new paneling we hung in the garage. I was exhausted, but so happy it is over! Today we got up and painted the trim. Hopefully two more weekends and we will be finished. I can't wait to have a clean organized garage!

Have a great Memorial Day everyone!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting the DVR ready!

There are some exciting shows coming on this summer. Usually the summer lacks anything exciting on t.v., but not this summer. Take a look at some shows to spice up your summer!

First we have The Mole. The first two seasons, in my opinion, were great. The show is going to air on June 2nd. The show follows a group of 12 players as they try to figure out who among them is the mole, a saboteur trying to keep them from from winning money.

Next we have So You Think You Can Dance. My absolute favorite show of all time!!! The show starts tomorrow at 8:00 with a 2 hour premiere. If you have never watched this show, you should really give it a chance.

Third we have Million Dollar Password. Ok I am a game show freak, so obviously I am excited. I even use to watch the old black and white version on The Game Show Network. The show starts June 1st at 8 pm. Regis is the host. I am not so keen on that, but I guess someone has to do it.

Fourth we have Swingtown which is on CBS. It starts June 5th at 10pm. The same person that directed Big Love (which I LOVE) is also directing this show. On CBS website they say: The show traces two generations of friends and neighbors as they forge intimate connections and explore new freedoms during the culturally transformative decade of the 1970s.

Also do not forget that Big Brother 10 starts July 13th!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Update

I just got home from a field trip to the zoo with a group of kindergarten students, so I am slightly tired. Bear with me! This may short and to the point.

Friday: I already talked about Nick and I's day in Greenville. Look what I got at Garden ridge! I also put out my memorial day/Fourth of July decorations. I don't have many, but thats okay. I made the red, white, and blue sand candles last year. I love them!

Saturday: Amy's birthday was Thursday, so we celebrated with a cookout at our house. We played corn hole, ate wonderful food, and played a little rock band. We had so much fun!!

These are the gifts I got Amy. I forgot to take a picture of her opening them. Opps!
This was the pork tenderloin with grilled pineapple salsa that Nick made. YUMMY!
Me and the birthday girl
Me and Brinsley

Happy Birthday Amy! I hope it was wonderful!

Take care,

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A pocket full of sunshine

Yesterday I took my last personal day of the year. Nick also surprised me and took off too. This was such a surprise because he never takes off work. He could be at his death bed and he would still go in to work. Anyway we sleep in late, well I sleep in late, and then we got ready and headed to Greenville, SC. We ate and Red Robin. This was the first time we had been and I was impressed. I got a prime rib dip with cheesy garlic fries. YUM OH! (Yes I just quoted Rachel Ray, He He!) After lunch we shopped for while and then went to play putt-putt at Franky's Fun Park. The weather was perfect and we were the only people on our course. Guess what else happened? I WON! I never win against Nick. I got two holes in one! Needless to say Nick had an excuse to why you didn't win. he said it was because the putter was too short. Or could it be because I was so darn good?? I believe the latter. HA! We had such a good time! Today we are celebrating Amy's birthday! We are having a cookout at our house and I can't wait. The weather is going to be great so I am excited for some outdoor fun!

P.S. What do you think about my new signature that my niece Brinsley made? Kids these days are way too technology savvy!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


As I have stated before, in earlier post, Nick and I have started going to a new church. We have been attending for several months and decided that this was the place we wanted to join. We both fell in love with the people and the preacher. Today at church Nick, Michael, Amy, and myself all joined the church. It was such a great feeling to be accepted into the church with warm hugs and hand shakes. I truly believe we have found a church that is right for us. I can't wait for my own children to attend this church with us as a family.

On another note I would like to wish all the amazing mothers a Happy Mother's Day. It is such a hard job, and so many mothers that I know do an outstanding job. I thought this day was going to be hard for me. Wanting to be a mother so desperately and struggling for patience. But I have felt an overwhelming peace with everything today. I know that it will happen and I just have to believe that God hears my prayers and one day, when the time it right, he will answer them. Have an amazing day!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Very Busy Day!

Yesterday was a blur. After working all day, I stayed after school for an hour to meet with the group of 5th grade teachers that I will be working with next year. The first teacher, that is teaching Science, has been teaching forever and she is amazing. The kids love her and she is not set in her ways. The next teacher was new to our school last year and she will be teaching Language Arts. The Social Studies teacher will be a first year teacher next year. She is super organized and has great ideas. We discussed a schedule for next year and a discipline/reward system. I am so happy that we are all on the same page and that everyone is great to work with.

As soon as I left the meeting, I heading to a cookout that my coteaching kindergarten teacher had at her house. I helped her cook and played kick ball with the kids for an hour and a half. The I ran home for about 5 mins. to freshen up and then Nick and I headed to la Cabana to eat. Then after eating we went to Michael and Amy's to hang out. Let's just say I am tired!! I hope to day is relaxing!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I had a doctors appointment with an orthopedic doctor at 2:00 today. As I was helping the kindergarten students practice their graduation program, I glance at the clock, and almost screamed. Oh yes it was 2:30!! I completely forgot and ran to my room the call the doctor. I am now rescheduled for Monday at 3:15. Life is way to busy right now. Only 11 days till summer break! This proves I need it, right?

I also found out that I am teaching 5th grade Math. Who would have thought? Math was my worse subject in school. I hated it with a passion. I am determined to make it interesting! I have already starting working on units, and I believe I am coming up with some great ideas. Tonight I am going back to work for the science fair. Should be fun, but I am TIRED!

Also don't forget, this week is Teacher Apreciation Week! Thank a teacher for their devotion and hard work!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday's Treasures

Nick made this chicken salad with leftover chicken we had. He added grapes, pecans, pickles, mayo, and salt & pepper. YUMMY!

While I was selling stuff at the yard sale Saturday, I just just to look around. I bought this vase for only $2.00! It is so beautiful! I have so many vases, but can a girl really have too many? Aren't the roses pretty? They are finally blooming like crazy in my flower bed.

I also bought this candy dish for $1.00!! I couldn't pass it up.
The daisies are also growing like weeds! Daisies are my favorite! This is a bad picture. Sorry!
Have a great Tuesday!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

I am behind

It has been a while. So much has been going on and I just haven't had the time to blog. I have missed writing on here.

After months of being in pain with my wrist, it is finally OVER! I went to a orthopedic doctor Thursday and he gave me a cortisone shot. It hurt so bad, but it was very much worth it. My wrist is completely pain free and I am grateful for modern medicine. I can actually sleep through the night and not worry about picking up anything.

Saturday we celebrated Cinco De Mayo at a friends house. We had amazing Mexican food! We hung out by the fire and just laughed (my favorite thing to do). Earlier that morning, the school that I work at had a 18 family yard sale. Nick and I gathered our "junk" and made a little over $100. It was so worth getting up at 6:15 on a weekend.

Sunday we went to church, cleaned the house, and watched Juno. I cried THREE times. I know, I am a sap! The movie was so good. I recommend it highly!

Today the principal officially announced that next year I will be a 5th grade teacher!! I am so happy and I really feel like this is a blessing. So many people tell me that I am crazy to teach 5th, but I really think that I will enjoy it. I am happy and that is all that matters!

Have a good MONDAY!