Monday, May 26, 2008

Catch Up Time

I have been a slacker with blogging lately, but I promise I will be back in full swing very soon!

Thursday evening Noah (Carrie's son) had his 5th grade recognition. It was so sweet to see Noah moving to a new stage in his life. Afterward we all went to eat at a local restaurant. So much fun!

Friday was the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! For all you teachers out there, you know the feeling of accomplishment when those kids walk out the door. Some still love you and actually appreciate what you did for them! HA!

Saturday we went to Carrie's for our annual scavenger hunt!! This is so much fun! We split into two teams (boys vs. girls) and we had one hour to complete as many items as we could. Some items included : taking a picture of the highest gas prices in town, picture of all team members in a tree, picture of all team members in a boat, a four leaf clover etc.

Girls Team (Yes we WON!!)

Whole team wearing GA apparel (Okay Brinsley had a blanket, but it looks like a dress! right?)
Drinking from the same glass (we pretended!)

Human Pyramid
All Team members in a tree

A Strangers Office Desk ( We asked and the guy took the picture! HA!)

Brinsley "swimming" in a pool!

When we finished winning the scanvenger hunt we grilled out and just relaxed.

This is Amy and I

Nick and I
Sunday after church Nick and I painted the new paneling we hung in the garage. I was exhausted, but so happy it is over! Today we got up and painted the trim. Hopefully two more weekends and we will be finished. I can't wait to have a clean organized garage!

Have a great Memorial Day everyone!


Meg said...

Wow, that looks like SO much fun!!!

I know what you mean about the garage. We started painting ours and haven't had time to finish. It drives me nuts!

Carrie said...

okay we are going to have the same post! Haha well almost!

Staci said...

Thanks for commenting! I LOVE your scavenger hunt idea! What a fun night :)

Kelly said...

Yeay for being out of school!!!!!!! Sounds like a fun weekend!

Mandy said...

That scavenger hunt sounds like so much fun!! I love doing different things like that!

I'm sure you are so excited to be out of school!!

Jamie said...

OK. Looks like y'all had some fun! I want to do this with my familia...we used to do one every year with youth group. It was "video scavenger hunt" and it was hilarious!

Hope you're enjoying summer vacation!