Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting the DVR ready!

There are some exciting shows coming on this summer. Usually the summer lacks anything exciting on t.v., but not this summer. Take a look at some shows to spice up your summer!

First we have The Mole. The first two seasons, in my opinion, were great. The show is going to air on June 2nd. The show follows a group of 12 players as they try to figure out who among them is the mole, a saboteur trying to keep them from from winning money.

Next we have So You Think You Can Dance. My absolute favorite show of all time!!! The show starts tomorrow at 8:00 with a 2 hour premiere. If you have never watched this show, you should really give it a chance.

Third we have Million Dollar Password. Ok I am a game show freak, so obviously I am excited. I even use to watch the old black and white version on The Game Show Network. The show starts June 1st at 8 pm. Regis is the host. I am not so keen on that, but I guess someone has to do it.

Fourth we have Swingtown which is on CBS. It starts June 5th at 10pm. The same person that directed Big Love (which I LOVE) is also directing this show. On CBS website they say: The show traces two generations of friends and neighbors as they forge intimate connections and explore new freedoms during the culturally transformative decade of the 1970s.

Also do not forget that Big Brother 10 starts July 13th!!!


Carrie said...

I can't wait for the mole and so you think you can dance I am excited going to set the Tivo right now!

Laurie said...

When I go back to work I want to teach Special Ed. I taught art for many years and loved the special Ed kids I had.

Meg said...

The mole looks intriguing. I wanna watch SYTYCD but it's hard getting the husband to follow suit! lol.. That swingers show reminds me of some married couples around here, :: shudder :: lol.. I love a good drama though!

Staci said...

Thanks for the comment! How crazy that we both live in Georgia, but you found me on someone's blog who lives in AZ?!?!

I like some of the same shows you do too. Can't wait for the season finale of Lost!!

I applaud you for being a SE teacher. I couldn't do it!! I'm a middle school teacher and tomorrow's our last day :)

Jamie said...

So You Think You Can Dance is one of my faves! I missed the premiere, but hopefully I'll get caught up with the help of Tivo. ;-)

Hope you're having a great weekend!!
*Oh, and I will soon reveal what was spilled all over my shirt. Really, it's not that exciting. lol*