Monday, June 2, 2008

Dog Show/Garage Update

Saturday Duncan was in the P.A.W.S. Dog Show! The dog show raises money for women of domestic abuse and Carrie also helped organize the whole thing. She did an amazing job as usual. This is the fourth year they have had the show and it is always so much fun. I really like it because it is just a fun dog show and all the proceeds go to a good cause. The following pictures are of Duncan on his way to the show. He LOVES riding on the truck with the wind blowing through his hair!

This is Duncan in his costume! The glasses would not stay on, but they still look cute!
That is Amy in the background
What a cool dog!
I LOVE this dog!!!

After the dog show we got a little rest and then headed to Lowes and Sam's. We needed some much needed storage for the garage overhaul. I can finally say, after months of working on this project, we will be finished next weekend! I have some pictures of the storage, but we are not quite finished, so be on the lookout for the finished product.

Everything has a place
We got this b\c it has a lock and we can put toxic materials inside(paint, bug spray) and out of the hand of little ones.

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend!


Faith said...

A dog show...that sounds like so much fun! Duncan is adorable and I love his costume!
The garage looks great! Can you come help with mine?? Mine is a disaster area!
Hope you had a great Monday!
P.S. Thanks for checking my mom out! She is very excited and is addicted already, I think!

Carrie said...

Thanks for the compliment and Sadie can't wait to see Duncan!

Katie said...

You love Duncan like I love our dog Riley! Duncan is too cute.

Meg said...

How fun!!

The garage is looking good! Makes me wanna get out there and fix ours up. Better yet, maybe you and Nick can come do it for us. lol, you pros!