Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kung Fu Fighting

I believe that is what is going on inside my stomach!! I am 21 weeks and just started feeling consistent obvious kicks. Sometimes, like RIGHT now, I feel major kicking. Nick has not been able to feel it yet, which I hope changes soon. It seems like every time I put my hand on my stomach the baby stops kicking. Anyone else experiencing this?

Nick picked up the hardwood yesterday for the nursery. We (I mean Nick) will start painting trim today. I am getting really anxious to get things done, even though I know I have plenty of time. I am glad that we are at this stage because this is the fun part!

We are also thinking of names. This has been the hardest decision to make. Right now we are thinking of Andrew for a first name. I am stuck on a middle name. Any suggestions?

Well I am off to get out of my PJ's and start the day! Have a great weekend!!


Meg said...

how sweet!!
have fun today! I love the name Andrew.

Jenna said...

Aw! Do you have any family names that you could use for a middle name - or someone you want to honor? I know at first Brayden would stop kicking when Chris put his hand on my stomach - and then I figured out that his hand weighs a lot more than mine. When he lightened his touch he was able to feel him move! HTH!

Carrie said...

how sweet I can't wait to see the room!

MiMi said...

Very sweet post. Can't wait to see pictures of the nursery!

Bliss said...

The title of your post cracked me up! Glad things are coming along with the nursery!!!

Harris Family said...

I can't wait to feel more kicks and for Flint to get to feel it, too! That is the best feeling! I really think Conner is cute! I loke family names, too!