Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I saw this on a few blogs and thought it was the cutest thing ever. This post will be "written" by Duncan. ENJOY!

Here are the rules:

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2. Post the rules on your blog.

3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.

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I see my mom doing this blogging thing all the time. How hard can it be!

This is my mom and dad! As you can tell I hate taking pictures with them, but I do LOVE them.

This is dad, my most favorite person in the world! Every time he does his laundry I HAVE to ride in the basket downstairs to the laundry room.

This is where I sleep every night. That's right I sleep at the bottom of the bed with my green blanket. Sometimes I sneak up and sleep in the middle when it is cold.

I love when mom and dad have friends over. They all get a welcome kiss from me.

I love chasing the sun around the room and laying in it.

One of my least favorite things is being wet. I go CRAZY and have get dry quick!

I am so excited about the new member about to join our family. I love sneaking in his room whenever I have a chance. Those toys are for me, right?

I am not a morning person!

I love my chewy sticks. I could chew for hours!

This is me and mommy. She will do when daddy is not home!

I can't believe they did this! SO embarrassing!

Where he is you will always find me!

I love riding in the car and sticking my head out the window!!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Maybe I will post again someday when I am not so busy!

I tag anyone who has a dog and thinks this looks fun!


boo.mama said...

This is adorable! I can't wait to do this when I get home. I have all of our pictures on my computer there.

Duncan reminds me alot of our pups. I only get attention when Boodaddy isn't home. HA!

Staci said...

That is just too cute! I wish I had a dog :)

Meg said...

awww Duncan is so cute!

I think I will eventually have my happy moment. I think it's just different for everyone. But I will definitely be telling allll about it when it finally comes :) lol.

Carrie said...

Duncan you are too cute!


Aunt Carrie

Amy said...

how cute!!!!!

Jordan said...

Duncan is so cute!! =]

MiMi said...

Could Duncan BE any cuter? Adorable post!

J said...

This was the CUTEST thing!