Friday, January 2, 2009


We are growing out of so many things in our house. I of course am growing out of clothes, even maternity clothes! YIKES! We are also filled to the brim in every room of our small house. I am trying to quickly work on decluttering and organizing before Andrew arrives. Nick and I bought a storage cabinet for our bathroom. Storage in our bathroom was pretty non-existent. We knew it had to change when we had to add a baby bath tub, bath items, wash clothes, robes, and blankets. We bought this at Lowes and Nick put it together last night. I am so excited about all the new storage!!

Can you believe that stack on the front is baby wash clothes! He will be very clean!

After going through all my "stuff," I realize I have too much "stuff!!"

We have so much storage now!!

I got this at Hobby Lobby! I got the Vera Bradley diaper bag for Christmas and I love it! I have two other bags that I also cannot wait to use. I am sure I will get use from all of them. Nick's grandmother got Andrew the "snow suit." It will be very warm!

I also got this cross from Hobby Lobby. I will put a picture of Andrew on the other side of this frame.

33 1/2 weeks: 2 more days till I go back to work! So sad!


MiMi said...

WOW that additional storage is going to come in really handy! You really gained a lot of storage from that one piece! look adorable!

Carrie said...

love the storage cabinet!

Katie said...

Seems like everything is coming together! Enjoy your last few days of freedom.

Sarah said...

You are absolutely glowing!!! I hear you about the whole growing out of clothes, thing. I only have a few shirts that will still cover my belly. We're close though, girl!!!