Monday, January 12, 2009


Saturday Nick and I headed to Target to finally get our stroller/car seat combo and pack and play! They only had one of each so we were very lucky. I also picked up some nursing bras and tanks and a few essentials for the hospital. I think we are finally getting there! We also stopped by Books- a- Million and picked up a book that goes into detail about what to expect the first year of a babies life and a book on breastfeeding. The breastfeeding part is stressing me out some so I hope it helps. After shopping we met Amy and Michael at the theater and watched Gran Torino. It was such a good movie. I NEVER thought I would like this movie. I am not the biggest fan of Clint Eastwood, but really you need to give it a chance. We then headed to Outback and of course that was yummy. I really enjoyed our Saturday and I know soon we will not be able to just jump in the car to meet friends for a movie and dinner. Hopefully I can get in one more movie before little Andrew decides to join us.

By the way do you like my header? I was just playing around and came up with it using Picnik (google it). It is pretty plain becuase I know I am going to change it soon when the baby comes so it is only temporary.


The Allens said...

I am stressed out about breast feeding, as well. My friend gave me a book that helped her a lot. I am planning to start it this week.

boo.mama said...

I love the header!

We went to the movies on Saturday also! We saw Marley & Me, and boy was it a tearjerker!

Kelly said...

Your blog looks so cute!
I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo stressed about breast feeding. I want to more than anything but it just seems so complicated and hard and painful and scary!

BK said...

Love the header!!!

We saw that movie this weekend too and I loved it!!!

Shannon C said...

The best advice I can give on breastfeeding....get a lactation consultant. Contact one now and have her met you there at the hospital. Also, have her visit you once you get home. My consultant came to the hospital several times, called often, and came by the house once a week to help me and weigh the baby.

Meg said...

I love the header!! J really wanted to see that movie, but we saw Marley & Me. I wanted to see Benjamin Button, but nearly 3 hours?? Not sure I can do it.. lol.

GL with the BF. I just can't even think about that yet. I hope to be able to. I think it depends a lot on the baby. My sister's 1st baby did fine, it was hard the first 2 weeks, but after that she sailed through for a few months. This second one would feed but she wasn't eating enough, so my sister had to supplement. Hang in there!

Amy said...

I love the header!!!! I had so much fun with you guys Saturday. When Andrew comes Michael and I will just have to bring the movie and dinner to you guys!!!! I can't wait!!
I'm so glad you found everthing you needed.