Saturday, January 24, 2009

Work Shower

UPDATE: If you read this earlier I have added a picture at the bottom.

Thursday the 5th grade teachers threw me a wonderful baby shower. Everyone has been so excited for me at school. I love everyone I work with and this shower was great!
We got a few more clothes, lots of diapers and wipes, toys, bottles, and gift cards!

My mom was able to come!

I bought a program called Creative Memories from a teacher at school and you can use it to make cards, scrapbook pages, or just pictures. I played around with it today. Technically I am 36 1/2 but I just put 37 weeks.

My counter says I have only 24 more days!! The last couple of weeks, honestly, have been miserable. I knew I was going to hit this stage in pregnancy but I never thought it would be this uncomfortable. I am so ready for Andrew to come! As of Monday I will be considered full-term, so as far as I am concerned he can come now! I am having back, hip, leg, and pelvic pain like I have never felt. I also am waking up every hour or two to use the bathroom and then not able to go back to sleep. I am really going to try to work as long as possible, but I am not sure how much longer that will be. Pray I will be able to hold out a few more weeks!

We are going to finish all shopping today. We are buying a swing, high chair and a few other things. I hope I can make it walking around. This may be a short trip.


MiMi said...

I can't believe that you only have 24 days left! Where has the time gone?

Sounds like you really have gotten some nice gifts.I am glad that your mom was able to come to the shower, too.

Good luck finishing up on all your shopping today!

Staci said...

Isn't it great to love who you work with?! What a fun shower!

Sorry you're so uncomfortable :(

BK said...

He'll be here so soon and it will all be worth it!!!!

Good luck with the shopping!

Carrie said...

Its worth just hang in there his room looks so cute! Take easy shopping. Love ya!

Serious Shopaholic said...

You look so cute! We're due about the same time--I'm on the 13th (but I'm convinced he will take after his mama & be late!) Congrats & good luck!