Thursday, February 26, 2009

1st doctor's Visit

Today Andrew had his first visit with the pediatrician. Everything was great and all the questions I had were answered with "it is normal." I love hearing that! So he will visit again next week and then two weeks after that. I tried to get pictures, but they all turned out really blurry. Here is one before leaving, but as you can see Andrew is blurry. Andrew went from 7 lbs and 2 1/2 ozs. to 7 lbs and 7 1/2 ozs. He is a growing boy!! He is still 20 inches

My mom and dad visited last night and my dad finally got to hold Andrew. He has been getting over a stomach virus.

Well I am off to enjoy the day!


BK said...

Glad your first doctor's visit went smoothly!

Amy said...

you look great!!!!

Daphine said...

Congratulations on your new beautiful baby boy! He's adorably CUTE!

Meg said...

how sweet! glad everything went well.

your poor daddy, that virus was awful!