Monday, February 16, 2009

Dear Andrew

I decided when I first got pregnant that I wanted to write letters to Andrew throughout his life. From birth till he was 18 and give them to him as a gift. I wrote the first letter today and thought I would share it. I am not sure if I will share them all but I wanted to share this one. Enjoy!

February 16, 2009

Dear Andrew,

Your dad and I have been patiently awaiting your arrival for nine long months and tomorrow you will finally arrive. We cannot believe the day has finally come. We have everything ready for you. Your room is full of brand new clothes, toys, diapers, and everything in between. We have been blessed to have so many friends and family members that have bought gifts just for you. There are so many people that have been anticipating your arrival for weeks now. You decided to be stubborn and not come on your own. I guess you just need a little help coming out of that safe and warm womb you are so use too. Your dad has worked so hard making your room perfect for you. He painted, added molding, installed new bamboo flooring, put together all the furniture, swings, strollers, and the list goes on. He cannot wait to meet you! I feel lucky that I have gotten to know you over the last nine months. I know you are a very strong and you kick really hard. You have been very good about being still at night so I can sleep and you get the hiccups all the time! I love feeling you move around and I know I will miss that when you are here. I have not even laid my eyes on you, but I know you are perfect. I love you already and I want nothing but that best for you. I want nothing more than for you to happy, safe, and loved. I hope you know how lucky you are to come into a world with such wonderful people. Everyone in your family loves you already and they are counting down the days till you arrive. You are so special to us and we are blessed to be a part of your life. I pray that your arrival into this world tomorrow is easy and safe. I cannot wait to hold you and I may never put you down. We love you and cannot wait to see you!!

Love, Mom and Dad


BK said...

This is precious. I'm totally crying right now. You and Nick will be amazing parents.

Katie said...

What a beautiful letter! I'll be praying that everything goes well tomorrow.

Carrie said...

Oh course you know I am crying right now! How sweet!

Lynde said...

Robyn that brought tears to my eyes. That is so precious and sweet! That is a great idea! Hope all goes well tomorrow. All 3 of you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Amy said...

Ok Robyn.... That was a tear jerker. How SWEET!!!! As I read the letter my eyes filled with tears, but to read "Love Mom and Dad" that really got me!!! I can't wait to meet Andrew either!!! I'll be praying for you, Nick and Andrew!!! Love you guys!!!

Sarah said...

Praying for you today! I hope you have a safe and easy labor. Can't wait to see pictures of sweet little Andrew!

Brandon said...

I have been following your blog for some time- through other blogs. I love your letter. My son is 10 months old and I have done the same thing to him. I keep a journal next to my bed and I try and write something in it a few times a week- something just from mom...speaking from my heart. It is sometimes hard as yesterday we had a rough day and I snapped at him (nothing major- just a tough mom day). In my journal I apologized to him and told him I would be a far from perfect mom and that I was sorry for that. I also bought a calendar and wrote something small on each day..."Went to the zoo" "Went for our first walk" "Stayed overnight at Gmas" "Dr. Apt" etc. It is wonderful to take 2 seconds to write something in there and then watch as the first year continues. It AMAZES me how fast the first year goes by. I miss it.
Your in our thoughts...kudos to you and the writing letters. It will be a wonderful gift for him and so so special! I wish my mom did that for me.

Brandon's Momma