Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1 month old!

Today Andrew is 1 month old! I cannot believe it has been a month and every moment has been amazing. Being a mother is more wonderful than I could have every expected. Every moment is a blessing that I have with him. He is growing so fast and it makes me sad and happy at the same time. If your a mother you know what I mean. Here are some pictures from our little photo session this morning.

He smiled!! He just started yesterday!

I am going to take his picture with this bear every month to show how much he has grown.

1 month old: March 18, 2009
Eats 3-4 ozs. every 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours
Sleeps 3 to 4 hours at a time at night
Is happiest after first morning feeding and when daddy gets home
Loves taking walks in his stroller, being read to, be showered with kisses, sleeping in his pack and play with the vibrator on.
Dislikes having diaper and clothes changed, having the hiccups, and not being held.


MiMi said...

What a great idea -to take his picture with the bear each month! I can't believe that he is already a month old! Where does the time go! He's adorable!

Staci said...

He is such a cutie!! Great smiles!

Carrie said...

Happy 1 month! Can't wait to see the monthly pictures

Lea Liz said...

Precious!!! I know, they grow so fast don't they??? He is soo cute!!

boo.mama said...

What a sweet smile!!

Meg said...

gosh he's so adorable!! great idea to log that info and take pics like that!

christycarter said...

I love him so much. He is perfect.

Amy said...

ok Robyn,
In the second picture he looks just like your dad.... He is very well-rounded with features from both you and Nick. And, he is just so CUTE!!!

writing4612 said...

Very cute!

He's really changing.

J said...

Aww. I can't believe he's a month old. SO SO SO adorable. Great idea to take the pics with the bear and log his info.

I know you're enjoying every minute!!