Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow and Cold

Well it all started out Sunday when we went to my parents for dinner. The weather had been calling for snow, but when you live in Georgia you know that usually always means NO snow. So we drive and start to see some sleet, but again think nothing of it. Then after dinner it begins to snow! What? Yes really snowing! It snowed A LOT! We headed home quickly and watched it as it continued to snow hard for hours. I believe we got around 4 inches and it has been many many years since we have had any. Needless to say I stayed inside with Andrew and watched from the inside of the warm house. Well it was warm until yesterday when the power decided to go out from 9am to 8 pm. At first it was not a big deal, but then it started getting really cold in the house. We headed to Nick's parents house (who live right down the driveway and had power) to stay warm. I wish Andrew would have been big enough to play in the snow because who knows when we will get another.

I stepped out for a quick picture.

This was in our yard. I believe the deer were in shock over this white stuff on the ground.
Duncan loved the snow!
Pictures from the last couple of days.
Duncan getting some tummy time also!

My new hair cut I got a week ago.


Carrie said...

cute pictures! Love the deer wow!

BK said...

I love the photos!!! Your haircut is super cute!

Lea Liz said...

your hair looks great!! my husband would love if we had deer like that in our yard..haha your little man is too cute!!

Harris Family said...

Oohhh, so fun! Good thing you had that sweet little baby to curl up with! I can think of no way I would rather spend my days! I miss the snow, too! We do not get any here in Texas either! Your hair cut ie so cute!

Lynde said...

he is growing! I can't decide who he looks like. Duncan is so cute too.

writing4612 said...

Aww, his first snow! At least he'll be able to enjoy hearing the stories about it when he's older.

I love your haircut! It looks great on you.

Meg said...

awww he is so sweet and you look great!!