Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Fun!

My baby!

I am so glad the weather was nice this weekend and we were able to get out of the house for awhile. Saturday we went to Anderson for a short visit. We ate at Chili's and Andrew slept the entire time. When we got in the car I feed him and changed him before we hit the stores. I thought changing him in the car would be a good idea, but I was WRONG! As I was changing him in Nick's lap he decided to pee on the steering wheel! It is funny now, but not at the time. Anyway we then cleaned up and headed to Old Navy. Since I am in between sizes right now and since Old Navy had jeans for $19 I decided that would be the best place to go. I got one pair of jeans and 2 pairs of capris. Plus they had flip flops 2 for $5! We also got Andrew a really cute outfit for church. It is way to big right now, but maybe by Easter it will fit. We then went to Sam's and bought formula way cheaper than we have found any where. We then headed home and cooked dinner and enjoyed a quiet night at home. Sunday Andrew went to church for the first time! He was a very good boy. He slept through Sunday School and halfway through church. I feed him the second half which worked out just fine. I can't wait till he can join in on all the activities they have for the youth. We then ate lunch at Nick's parents house and then went home to enjoy the day. We went for a walk Sunday evening and Andrew loved the stroller. I thought it would put him to sleep, but he was wide awake the whole time. I will take pictures next time.

If your still reading thanks! ha! I am now 22 lbs down and have 18 more to go before I am at my prepregnancy weight. Yeah do the math, I gained 40 lbs! I gained most in the last month and a lot was from swelling that has still not completely subsided, plus to be honest I ate whatever whenever I wanted to. LOL! As I was reading Kelly's blog I noticed she talked about starting to excerise and using Jillians DVD 30 Day Shred. After reading her comments and comments on Amazon I knew I had to try this. It sounds really hard, but I am willing to try anything.
I ordered it yesterday and it should be here tomorrow. I am going to use the Wii Fit to keep up with my progress and for variety. Wish me lots of luck!

This morning after his 5:30 feeding he crashed beside me in bed and slept so much longer than he does in his bed. Hmm imagine that! Don't worry I had my hand on him and my face right beside his the whole time.

Getting ready for church

Andrew's new favorite spot- laying on the floor on his Boppy!

He loves pulling the pacifier out, but hasn't figured out how to put it back in.

He has also started taking naps in his crib. Doesn't he look so small!?


Carrie said...

He is so cute!

boo.mama said...

Great pics!

You will love the Wii Fit! It adds some variety into the mix!

Jenna said...

He is SO CUTE!!!

Amy said...

Love the pics. Good luck on the Wii with the weight loss. My mom has lost 30 lbs by using it and walking everyday!!

Serious Shopaholic said...

He is so cute & you look amazing! I'm sure the last few pounds will come off with no problems at all. JC has decided that he doesn't want to sleep in his crib at all. I put him in my bed this morning after his last feeding & he slept for 3 hours without making a sound. I really don't want to get into that habit, but my sanity is begging! I hope that both of our little one's start sleeping better!

Julie said...

HEY!! I am so glad you are all doing so well!! Cooper is still waiting for Andrew to come over and play! =) He is so cute!!

We had a lot of fun in this crazy but wonderful hot weather too!

PS Call me and we can walk some mornings until you head back to work!! Cooper and I are walking on warm days..

jsiewert said...

I love all of the pictures, he is so stinking cute!

I am on day 5 of the 30 day Shred and I love it. I was very very sore the first two days but it has subsided. It really wears you out because there is no break to catch your breath, the good thing is it only lasts 27 minutes. Email me if you have any questions. kelly (kelly's korner) is starting hers soon too.


Meg said...

So adorable! Glad you guys got to get out. I'm thinking I may hit the 40 mark as well. Some days I'm so ravenous and some I eat like my normal old self, just a little more ;) I know you're glad to be buying regular clothes again. Target had some adorable capris the other day.

Machelle said...

he iss soooooo cute!!! Good job on weigh loss and keep it up!

The Dorns said...

omgoodness he is so Adorable! and congrats to you looken fab after just a short time.

BK said...

He is precious!!!!!