Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have been MIA because I, unfortunately, had to go back to work! Honestly it hasn't been too bad. I am so busy during the day, so that keeps my mind off of who I am missing. Of course it is not easy by NO means, but I am doing okay.

This basket was made by a guy that works for Nick. I am amazed by the talent! The bunny was given by my mother. SO cute!

This book was given by Nick's mom.

We had a great Easter and Andrew got lots of goodies from his grandparents. We decided since he was only 7 weeks old we would not play Easter bunny this year, but trust me he will be visiting the house next year! I can't wait for that. Here are some pictures we took before church. Is he not the cutest?
Later that day we went to Nick's parents for lunch and then to my parents for supper and the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Next year Andrew will be hunting eggs. This year he just watched!

The hunters
All the grand kids

Nick took this yesterday. Could you say multitasker!!? He even tried to hand me an X-Box controller and asked if I wanted to play a game with him too!


Amy said...

Wow!!! That last picture is impressive!! Andrew is just adorable.

BK said...

Glad to hear that your transition back to school hasn't been too terribly bad. The summer will be here soon!

Looks like yall had a great Easter! I swear, Andrew gets cuter and cuter!!!

Sarah said...

Are those the playtex bottles? I have 3 or 4 of them and Ace would never eat out of them. I could mail them to you if you need any extras. Just let me know! Love Andrew's Easter outfit. So cute!

writing4612 said...

He's a doll!

Love that last picture!

Meg said...

That's awesome that it hasn't been too bad going back to work. I'm sure having the older kids there is helping. If you were just sitting at a desk, it'd probably be driving you nuts!

He is getting more and more adorable, who knew it was possible? Love your family photos.

Staci said...

He is just so so cute!! Glad the transition back to the class has been ok for you.