Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sprucing up my Nest

This weekend was filled as always, but I love it that way. Our yard was in desperate need of help. When I say desperate, I mean it has not been touched since middle of last summer. Weeds were bigger than the plants and some weeds had taken over and almost killed some plants (really!). So needless to say we spent a lot of time in the flower beds this weekend. I really wish I would have taken before shots, but I didn't even take after shots, so there you go. I am going to take pictures, when it is not freezing outside! Can you believe this weather? Anyway I am sure you are wondering what we did with the little one while we were working. Well I put him in his stroller, in the shade, and he napped so well! Of course I had to go in with him to feed him, but for the most part he did awesome. We still have some projects to complete, but they will have to wait for another weekend.

Unfortunately I have to go for my dreaded 6 week postpartum gyno appointment today. Yeah I am not looking forward to that one. I guess they can tell me how much weight I have to lose. Ha! I don't even really know what they do at this appointment. Guess I will be surprised. My wonderful sister Carrie is going to watch Andrew for me. Thanks Carrie!!

Also I have The 30 Day Shred update. Well not too much to update, but I have started level 2 and have completed about 5 days of it. Level 2 is a whole different world. I am halfway through the program and not really losing anymore weight. I guess I don't need to take 3 days off at a time. Hmm...

I leave you with pictures of Andrew! Enjoy!

Andrew is loving baths now!

He is smiling more and more everyday

This is his Elvis impersonation ( notice the blue thing in the background on the right? I will discuss this beauty later!)

My favorite!

Another meal made by the hubby. He was experimenting with a sauce you get at Chili's when you order fajitas. The oily sauce. It was so good and that corn was to die for! It was frozen corn that he made into a cheesy creamed corn. YUM!!


BK said...

Good luck at the doctor's visit!

And he is so cute, I can't say that enough. That photo of him sleeping is precious and the Elvis impression is adorable!!!!

Carrie said...

I can't wait to watch him! Love the pictures but now I want to know what the blue thing is!

Lea Liz said...

Hope your doctors appt went good!!
Andrew is so cute!!
wow your hubbys meal looks great!!

Katie said...

He looks like a knock-out in blue! That is for sure one of his colors. ; )

Your dinner looks so yummy, and you look great!

Sarah said...

Love the Elvis impersonation!!!

writing4612 said...

That last picture of Andrew is adorable!