Sunday, April 19, 2009


We had a great Sunday! We did not make it to church because we a little fussy this morning. Since he is hardly ever fussy we thought he wasn't feeling well. A few gas drops later, he was back to his happy self. I feel like we spend the whole Sunday trying to get prepared for the week. We had lots of laundry, baths for Duncan and Andrew, my outfits picked out for the week, and the house spotless. Here are some pictures from the day!

He grabbed the camera cord while I was taking pictures
My two babies

An attempt of him napping in his crib. He is not a fan!

Pray for Andrew ( and me tomorrow!) he is going for his 2 months shots!!


MiMi said...

Love the picture of your two babies! Can't believe how big Andrew is getting!

Saying a little prayer for you AND Andrew tomorrow.

AshleySauls said...

Aww, bless his heart! I will be praying for you and Andrew. I HATE those shots. We got one shot the other day. Ava and Brennan do better when we give them Tylenol before the shots, and every 4 hours after the shots for 24 hours. It's so sad, though. Good luck! Andrew is a doll!

Carrie said...

Awe I hate those shots!

Meg said...

Good luck with the appointment today, that's never fun. My 6 y/o niece still hates the doctor from all those shots, lol..

I love all your stories, it sounds like he's a great baby!!

boo.mama said...

I hope things went well!!

Together We Save said...

Sweet pictures. Hope shote went ok. I always hated those days.

writing4612 said...

I know you felt good knowing the house was clean. That always makes my mom feeln better.