Saturday, May 30, 2009

ABC's of ME

I saw this on a blog and thought I would give it a try:

A - Age: 25, but will be 26 on July 10th
B - Bed size: Queen, but will have a King one day!!
C - Chore you hate:laundry & cleaning the shower
D - Dog's name: Duncan
E - Essential start your day item: Diet Coke

F - Favorite color: purple, but I also love green
G - Gold or Silver or Platinum: Silver or Platinum
H - Height: 5'4 and I think I am getting shorter
I - Instruments you play: none
J - Job title: Fifth Grade Math teacher

K - Kid(s): Andrew- 14 weeks
L - Living arrangements: I live with my hard working husband and adorable son
M - Mom's name: Carol- HEY MOM!
N - Nicknames: used to be robcobb in high school, but none now
O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Never. I've been very healthy!
P - Pet Peeve: I have a lot! Slow drivers, bad parents, slurping noises etc.
Q - Quote from a movie:
R - Right handed or left handed: Right
S - Siblings: 2 older sisters
T - Time you wake up: well currently 5:30, but that will change in one week!!

U- Underwear: Yes I wear them, HA!
V - Vegetable you dislike: turnips
W - Ways you run late: I really am never late. I am always early or on time. That is another pet peeve I have. Why is it the same people that are late to everything? They should really get their act together!!
X - X-rays you've had: teeth, wrist, finger
Y - Yummy food you make: this is funny!
Z - Zoo favorite: Love the zoo! I like the gorillas and elephants

Join in on the fun!


Meg said...

That was cute! I hate being late too, I hope I can be like you with a baby and be on time!!

Jessica said...

Have you received your benchmark scores for standardized testing? Our just came in!! Do you teach in AR?

Robyn Beele said...

We did receive our scores. I teach in Georgia.