Monday, June 8, 2009

A Weekend of Fun and Firsts

This sweetie pie had a weekend full of firsts! The biggest first I didn't get pictures of, of course! Saturday morning Andrew rolled over from his stomach to his back!! He has been working so hard on this and finally he did it. He can do it with no problem at all now. I am so proud of him!
He sat in his first high chair! He was giving Mr. Zebra the look!

Nick's dad caught his first fish of the year!!

Andrew actually enjoyed his Bumbo seat.
Not sure why this picture is turned sideways (sorry). By the way my sister Carrie made this chicken finger puppet. So Cute!!

Mr. Gobbles has a "friend", hmm... maybe we will have little gobbles running around!

Andrew wore his first hat!

Nick and I also went out on our first date night since Andrew was born. He had a great time with his Nanny and Papa. I am sure he missed us just a little. We had a great time and watched Angels and Demons and ate a wonderful meal at Sullivan's. We loved our time alone, but were eager to get back to see our little one.
Another HUGE firsts for Andrew was sleeping all night in his crib!!! He did this Saturday and Sunday night. I am so proud of him. He seemed to sleep fine, but I can't say that for myself. I woke up constantly to look at the mointor. I am sure it will get easier. Sorry for such a long post!

Pictures from last weekend!


Meg said...

Geez, he's adorable!! Glad you guys had a great time, looks like a good start to summer!

J said...

I'm cracking up at Mr Gobbles and his friend! Too funny.

Andrew is cuter every time I see his pic; adorable hat!

Hope you enjoy the week!!!

christycarter said...

Andrew looks too sweet. I miss ya'll this weekend. Sorry be there next time and thanks for Harley B-day present, we have been having fun with them all week.

writing4612 said...

It's great that he's sleeping in his crib with no problem.

These pictures really show off his beautiful baby blues!