Friday, June 12, 2009

What have I been up to?

Taking WalksTrying out cereal. Can you it tell he did not enjoy it at all!
Spending precious time together.

Finally finding his toes and now sucking on them.

I am loving having the summers off! It came at the best time. He is changing so much every day and I am glad I am here to watch every moment. Have a blessed Friday!


Meg said...

awww, so adorable! Glad you're enjoying your time off with him!!

Staci said...

He is just precious! Have a great summer!

BK said...

I'm glad you can be home with Mr. Cutie! Definitely looks like a fun time!

writing4612 said...

His anti-cereal face is cute.

Bryan - Kelda said...

love the shades. :) he is sooooo cute. Man I should have been a teacher, I would love to have the summers off with Kalleigh. Gives you alittle break from it all, and you can have some andrew and mommy time.

J said... cute is he?!? I know you are loving the time you're getting to spend with him.