Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5 months


Andrew turned 5 months old on the 18th, so I am a just a little behind!! Better later than ever, right! So what is Andrew up to now?

DSC01569(rev 1)

-Still teething, but no teeth

-chews on everything and drools buckets

-wears 3-6 months clothes, but will be growing out of those very soon

- still only rolling over from stomach to back, but not consistently (he is a lazy boy and doesn’t mind being on his tummy)

-wanting to scoot around on tummy so bad, but only moves a little

DSC01558(rev 1)

-leans up head to a 45 degree angle laying on a flat surface

-will sit unsupported for a few secondsDSC01580(rev 1)

-takes 6, 6oz bottles a day and eat one fruit or veg. a day )carrots are still his favorite)

-takes 3 naps a day/sleeps from 8-5 wakes up eats and sleeps till 7

DSC01546(rev 1)

-loves his excersaucer, being read and sang to, going outside, being in the car, and being with his new baby sitter!!

-becoming very wiggly during bath and diaper changes

-is the apples of our eyes and we could not imagine him not being in our lives!! We love you sweet heart!!

 DSC01527(rev 1)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm Here...

I am still here reading other blogs, but too busy to actually make a real post. I will hopefully make one soon. I have been working in my classroom for the last couple of days. I am staying home tomorrow, so I will try to post then. Have a great TUESDAY!!