Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5 months


Andrew turned 5 months old on the 18th, so I am a just a little behind!! Better later than ever, right! So what is Andrew up to now?

DSC01569(rev 1)

-Still teething, but no teeth

-chews on everything and drools buckets

-wears 3-6 months clothes, but will be growing out of those very soon

- still only rolling over from stomach to back, but not consistently (he is a lazy boy and doesn’t mind being on his tummy)

-wanting to scoot around on tummy so bad, but only moves a little

DSC01558(rev 1)

-leans up head to a 45 degree angle laying on a flat surface

-will sit unsupported for a few secondsDSC01580(rev 1)

-takes 6, 6oz bottles a day and eat one fruit or veg. a day )carrots are still his favorite)

-takes 3 naps a day/sleeps from 8-5 wakes up eats and sleeps till 7

DSC01546(rev 1)

-loves his excersaucer, being read and sang to, going outside, being in the car, and being with his new baby sitter!!

-becoming very wiggly during bath and diaper changes

-is the apples of our eyes and we could not imagine him not being in our lives!! We love you sweet heart!!

 DSC01527(rev 1)


boo.mama said...

He gets cuter every time you post a picture!

Amy said...

oh my goodness...Andrew...slow down!! I can't believe he is already 5 months old!! He is so sweet.

writing4612 said...

So sweet!

J said...

Still adorable, I see! :-) I'm still trying to figure out which of you he resembles most. Sometimes I think he looks just like you, sometimes just like your husband.

I'm glad you've got a sitter he loves.

& I Love the pic of he and Duncan sleeping on the floor. Cuties!!

Meg said...

aww I'm glad the sitter is working out. looks like Andrew is at a fun age!! and you look great!