Monday, August 31, 2009


So who is excited about having Sonic back? If you are not from where I am from then I will fill you in. We had a Sonic and then it was closed due to bad management. Now it is reopened and I hope it is here to stay. The food is okay, but I love Happy Hour and half off drinks. We stopped by this weekend and I got a watermelon slushy and Nick got a orange creamsicle smoothie. They were both so yummy!
So what is your favorite Sonic drink?

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I have been so bad at blogging, but I have a few mins.(which are hard to come by), so here we go…The weekend started off going downhill fast. I have been sick all week with a cold. I am on antibiotics and by Friday afternoon I was feeling terrible. I was run down and had a terrible headache. We went to La Cabana (our usual Friday night) and I felt worse as the mins. went by. When we got home I crashed. Saturday I felt a little better and helped Nick clean out the garage, played for hours with Andrew, cleaned, and then we went out to dinner. That night I started feeling bad again. So I went to sleep early and woke this morning feeling better than ever. I am so thankful that I am finally feeling like myself. We went to Sunday School and church. Andrew came home and ate and slept for a while(he has been under the weather also). Nick and I got to spend some quality relaxing time together. We spent the rest of the evening playing with a very giggly boy. He is so much fun and is spending more and more time awake and alert. So we are off to a busy week at school and then off 2 days next week!! Have a great one!   

Update on weight and height: 16.12 lbs and 26 inches. Everyone thinks he is so big for his age, but he is only in the 20-25th percentile for weight and height. Go figure!

DSC01739(rev 1)DSC01743(rev 1)DSC01767(rev 1)DSC01761(rev 1)

P.S. this little cutie started saying mama today!!! I don’t think he understands what it means, but he will!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

6 months

Wow half a year old! I can’t believe it has been this long. It seems like yesterday!! So what is little Andrew up to these days:

Growing like a weed!

1 month

DSC00475(rev 1)

6 months

DSC01720(rev 1)Weight and Height: not sure, he goes to the doctor Monday so I will find out then.

Clothes: Wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes

Food: 5 to 6   6oz bottles and 2 fruit/vegs. a day

Sleeping: Naps about 3 times a day and goes to sleep around 8 and wakes between 4-5 am and the back to sleep to about 6:30 am (the early bird catches the worm!) This works wonderful during the week, but not when you want to sleep in on the weekends.DSC01724(rev 1)

Playing: still LOVES the exersaucer, starting to enjoy quiet alone time in his swing or crib, loves to chew on everything, enjoys going out-restaurants and stores, loves to listen to books or songs, and starting to get upset when I leave the room.

DSC01707(rev 1)Milestones: still refusing to roll over almost completely, but almost sits up on his own, can lift himself up to a 45 degree angle from a flat positions, babbles all the time (a lot of h and m sounds.) I am hoping mama comes soon!DSC01726(rev 1)

He is also does really well at his babysitters! She LOVES Andrew and misses him when he is not there. She brags on him all the time. She says he is the BEST baby she has ever kept. That made my heart melt!! DSC01712(rev 1)

He is an absolute joy and this is the BEST age so far!!

This picture is hilarious!! It was just a lucky shot and he looks so surprised by how big the watermelon was !!

   DSC01718(rev 1)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I see the light…

at the end of a very long tunnel. I am now starting my 5th year teaching and I have also said that I LOVE my job. I really do!! It is hard, stressful, never ending, but so rewarding. This school year started this Monday for me and I LOVE my new students. They are so sweet and respectful! I really could not ask for any more. So now that I feel some what caught up, I can catch you up on me. Basically I work all day, pick up Andrew, talk and play with him, then he usually takes a short cat nap, then wakes to eat a vegetable (still eating like a champ), then takes a bottle, then we eat supper, then we all take baths, and then Andrew is ready to sleep for the night. I feel like I have no time with him, so I look forward to the weekends desperately. In this economy I am so thankful to have a job, so I am trying not to complain. Andrew is still loving staying with his babysitter. She is so wonderful and I actually feel good about bringing him there. She loves on him all day!! Well that is all for now!! Have a great hump day!

P.S. I had to share some cuteness!


DSC01628(rev 1) DSC01641(rev 1) DSC01610(rev 1)