Friday, August 21, 2009

6 months

Wow half a year old! I can’t believe it has been this long. It seems like yesterday!! So what is little Andrew up to these days:

Growing like a weed!

1 month

DSC00475(rev 1)

6 months

DSC01720(rev 1)Weight and Height: not sure, he goes to the doctor Monday so I will find out then.

Clothes: Wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes

Food: 5 to 6   6oz bottles and 2 fruit/vegs. a day

Sleeping: Naps about 3 times a day and goes to sleep around 8 and wakes between 4-5 am and the back to sleep to about 6:30 am (the early bird catches the worm!) This works wonderful during the week, but not when you want to sleep in on the weekends.DSC01724(rev 1)

Playing: still LOVES the exersaucer, starting to enjoy quiet alone time in his swing or crib, loves to chew on everything, enjoys going out-restaurants and stores, loves to listen to books or songs, and starting to get upset when I leave the room.

DSC01707(rev 1)Milestones: still refusing to roll over almost completely, but almost sits up on his own, can lift himself up to a 45 degree angle from a flat positions, babbles all the time (a lot of h and m sounds.) I am hoping mama comes soon!DSC01726(rev 1)

He is also does really well at his babysitters! She LOVES Andrew and misses him when he is not there. She brags on him all the time. She says he is the BEST baby she has ever kept. That made my heart melt!! DSC01712(rev 1)

He is an absolute joy and this is the BEST age so far!!

This picture is hilarious!! It was just a lucky shot and he looks so surprised by how big the watermelon was !!

   DSC01718(rev 1)


Mabe Babe Blog said...

Ok, so I JUST found your blog through another blog I read, and I can not believe the similarities in our lives! We both have our first baby boys who are 6 months, February babies. And, we both teach 5th grade! How funny, and I went back through your older posts and saw that we both did the shred! Anyway, just thought I'd say hi! Looks like we could be great blog friends!

Meg said...

awww he's just adorable, and it does look like such a fun age

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Robyn; OH how sweet all those photos of Andrew are.. He is just a little doll... my favorite is the one with the water melon.... Happy 6th months dear one....


Harris Family said...

He is PRECIOUS! I know you are one proud mama! The watermelon picture is priceless!!! It definitely does get more fun everyday!

Sarah said...

What a cutie!

J said...

love this post! The pics are great. :-)