Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fun Night Out

Last night Michael, Amy, Nick, and I went to Anderson to El Patron for some out of town Mexican. It was very good, but a little more expensive then we cared for. Nonetheless we had fun catching up.

We then headed over for some bowling! We had not been in forever and needless to say I was terrible!! Anyway we had a lot of fun!

This was Andrew and I before I dropped him off to stay with Nick’s parents.

DSC02130(rev 1) 

At the bowling alleyDSC02132(rev 1)

Nick probably rolling a strike! Agh!!DSC02131(rev 1)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Show Us Your Life-Baby Gear

Kelly is hosting a tour of your favorite baby gear and I am joining in. Picking out things for a baby can be so hard because there is so much to pick from. There are some things I spent money on that I shouldn’t and some things I would have spent thousands on!

Here is my list of not’s:

-Slings/Carriers: I bought both and Andrew hated both.

-Shoes: I bought tons of cute shoes and his feet grew so fast that they never fit. I think now would be a better time to start buying shoes.

-Swing: Andrew liked this for the first couple of months and then despised it for several. Now he will sit in it, but I rarely put him in it.

-Wipe Warmer: I actually used this up until just recently, but there was really no point. It was just one more thing I had to remember to keep water in.

Here is my list of must haves:

-Car seat/Stroller Travel System: We could not get through the day without this. The stroller is wonderful!!

-Exersaucer: Andrew LOVES this so much!!

-Nap Nanny: Best money ever spent!! Andrew just recently stopped sitting in it because he can get out of it.

-Bibs: Andrew goes through 3-4 a day. He is drooling fool!!

Pacifiers: Having a veriety was helpful. He liked some and did not others and different times in his development.

Camera: By far the best thing we have. I love capturing every moment of his life!


 DSC01916(rev 1)We are back from our trip to Atlanta and unpacked. We had such a good time, but also glad to be back to our normal routine. This first picture is at home right before we left. He looks so happy!!DSC01927(rev 1) The ride there (about 2 hours) was great. Andrew sleep a little, but “talked” to us most of the time. This is when we made it to the hotel and as you can tell he was very tired.

DSC01938(rev 1) We spent the first day resting at the hotel and left the next morning to see the GA Aquarium and World of Coke. Both were so much fun. The weather was perfect and it was almost empty, so we got spend as much time as we wanted.DSC01944(rev 1) DSC01964(rev 1) DSC01966(rev 1) DSC01979(rev 1) DSC01982(rev 1) DSC01995(rev 1) This is what Andrew looked like in the World of Coke. All those fish just wore him out!!

DSC02000(rev 1) We stopped at Chic-fi-la for a late lunch and Andrew enjoyed a fry.DSC02004(rev 1) Andrew got Oscar the Otter at the Aquarium and he just loves it!DSC02010(rev 1) The next day we went to the zoo! It was a little cold at first, but again it was practically empty which was wonderful! This is Andrew all bundled up!DSC02040(rev 1) Here is my little monkey!

We then left the zoo and went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It was warmer outside and they had cute scarecrows that different people had made for a contest. So neat!DSC02052(rev 1) 

We found this bench that was a little hidden and decided to stop for a break of walking.

DSC02070(rev 1) DSC02069(rev 1)DSC02072(rev 1) DSC02073(rev 1) DSC02074(rev 1)

Right after the white shirt pictures Andrew proceeded to throw up carrots all over it! Luckily I pack extra clothes!

Here is Andrew again asleep!!

DSC02097(rev 1)

We had a blast!! We ate wonderful food and made memories that I can’t wait to share with Andrew when he is older. Now back to cleaning and doing laundry, BooHoo!!!